Snap Chat


Threat Level- Very High

Snap Chat is a social media themed app where you can take a picture and send it to a fellow snap chat friend. They have a set number of seconds where the other person can view the picture, before the app deletes the picture. The sender can set the amount of time they want the person receiving the picture to view it.

This App Should be looked at closely if on your child’s Device. Just Monitor who their friends are and make sure no inappropriate friends are on their Snap Chat Friends list (no opposite sex friends for my kids!).

This is popular for kids to use for Sexting and also for hiding images from parents! Only One Snap Chat is allowed on a device at a time, so it is easy to monitor.

Photos are taken from inside app, so the pictures they send may never be on their photo camera roll or album. There is a time when there viewing the app that the receiving party can time a perfect screen shot and get it saved to their phone, but this is hard to do. Snap Chat is programmed to shut down if you try to take a screen shot.

This app is available for all devices!

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