Threat Level-Low

Minecraft is a popular online game that has been around since I was a teenager! This game is now becoming popular with pre teens and teenagers. This is a safe game for kids, where they use different mining and gathering tools to build houses and construct whatever they want. Think of it as a virtual Legos!

I recommend this game for your children for the fact that they become creative and build structures from their imagination. I have watched my daughter build some amazing things in this game.

As for connectivity, it has to have Internet to connect to others, and they have to be on the same wifi network. You don’t have to worry about them sending or receiving anything in this app from any outside source. The only way they interact with other people is if they are on the same wifi network. This game is available on all Mobile devices for free. The paid version gives more options, but still can be enjoyed without paying.

Threat level – Low

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