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Threat Level- Low (formerly is a social network service founded in 2002 by Jeffrey Tinsley after meeting his wife at their high school reunion. The company began with the acquisition of and The website claims to help members find and keep in touch with friends, relatives and lost loves.

In August 2007, claimed to be the 6th top social networking site with 28 million users, growing by nearly 1 million new members each month, mostly in the US and Canada.

Quantcast estimates MyLife has 1.2 million monthly unique U.S. visits. By comparison, Facebook has 143 million monthly visits. Alexa’s global traffic rank for MyLife is 2,409; its US rank is 582; and its daily global traffic has declined by 21% in the last three months.

On April 30, 2007 announced that it had signed an agreement with Wink to provide Wink’s people profiles (from on-line social networks and other sources on the web) to Reunion’s members. Then on August 20, 2007 announced an agreement with Zoominfo to provide ZoomInfo’s business related people profiles to members.

My life

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