Threat Level – Very High

Skout is a location based social networking mobile app and internet site.

Skout uses a cellphone’s gps to help users to find like-minded people within a walkable radius of one another. (For safety reasons, Skout does not identify a user’s precise location.) Those who sign up for the application create basic profiles with photographs and then use an instant message feature to communicate when they are within range of each other. Then, they can arrange a mutual meeting spot.

The service is available to users with position-sensing (GPS, WiFi, etc.) mobile devices such as smartphones.

The service was created in 2007 by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom, currently the CEO and CTO of the company. The first iteration of Skout was more similar to Foursquare but the application was re-launched in February 2009 at the DEMO conference as a location-based dating service, winning the Demo God award. In 2011, the application expanded beyond dating and flirting to include making friends and other social activities.

As of April 2011, the company reported it had five million registered users Skout is the largest location-based flirting app; BoyAhoy, also a Skout property, is second to grindr for gay men.

This App got a very high threat level due to its GPS tracking features.  This allows people to scout out (hence the name) where other people are to hook up.  This app is popular with Homosexuals, and sometimes is referred to as Skout Me.   In June 2012, Skout suspended its service for minors, after three separate incidents in which minors were allegedly raped by adults posing as teenagers.  It later resumed its services for teenagers in July 2012 with some safety measures in place.  Put all the safety features in place you want, if you see your child on Skout, Start asking questions fast and get them off it any way you possibly can.  I see no reason or need for any child or teenager to be on this app.  Predators Lurk here, that is a proven fact.  This app and website are terrifying.

Skout, Hooking up, skout word,  white, blue, o, o with rings

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