Threat Level – High

Digisocial is another picture sharing app for the IOS and Android. Think of this as an Instagram style app, but with a twist. You are able to tag voice recordings on top of the pictures. This sounds neat when you are able to hear about what the photographer taking the picture thought about the picture. But here is the kicker, and the reason I gave it a high threat level.

The High Threat level tag was issued because of content and not really anything else. Other than comments, there is not a chat feature that would allow a lot of communication, but that isn’t what concerns me. The concern is the access to the soft porn pictures with voice overs. This app is way to easy to stumble across adult themes or adult style content.

I would keep this app off my children’s devices until I could figure out a way to separate the adult images verses everything else (from a parents point of view , not just a filter that can be toggled on and off by anyone). I don’t see this happening soon, because I don’t even see an option to report explicit pictures or voice overs. This seems like a selling point for digisocial to market an adult crowd that enjoys that kind of content.

Keep the kids away!

Blue app, cat, cat face, white cat

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