Threat Level – High

Couple, formerly Pair, is a mobile app which provides a mobile messaging service for two people, targeted more to romantically involved couples. Like many mobile phone messaging applications, Couple allows users to share text, photos, video and other content. It’s a competitor to apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and KakaoTalk, but it’s unique in that it is for communicating with exactly one other person. Couple is one of a slew of mobile applications that intentionally confines their communication to a small group, as opposed to large public or semi-public networks like Twitter. Once you download the app, you send an invite to your spouse (or any one other person) Once they accept, you are linked. You can only have one person tied to your couple app. Me and my wife use this app a lot, and really like it. If you see this app pictured above on your child’s phone, make sure of who they are paired with.

This app similar to other messenger apps uses data to send messages and will not show up where the normal text messages are on their device. You must open the app first, then you will be able to see the messages inside the app. This app makes it very easy to share videos, pictures, audio and text messages. It also has a drawing feature where you can send drawings back and forth to who you are connected with.

White app, white, blue circle, blue, blue symbol

I first read an article about couple being utilized in high schools as a status symbol of who you are coupled with. In any messenger app, these can get out of control for your child, so I encourage you to follow this app closely.

The app is currently available on iPhone and Android, and can be used across different devices and carriers. The free application garnered more than 100,000 users after only a week. TenthBit, the company producing Couple recently announced the UK app Cupple had merged to form app Couple.

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