Threat Level – Very High

Parlor is a social networking app that allows people to meet with similar interests and chat in one on one conversation either via text or voice. Anytime there are one on one conversations in an app you have to be careful of its intentions.

This app is restricted to 17 years and older, but all it takes is clicking the accept button and you will fly right by that step. Also reading in the description of the app, it clearly states that posts are made about sexually explicit topics

Chatting one on one with strangers with enough sexually explicit content that they put it in the description with a 17 year old plug tag…..not for kids! Keep the kids far away from this app.

The app is broke down into 6 categories from the main menu. Sports, Music, Politics, Dating, Random and Food. You can select a category and it then gives you option to call or message a stranger that has selected the same topic as yours.

When I launched the app to use it, I was connected 4 times to men that sounded to be at least 30 plus years of age. One even sounded like an elderly male. They all wanted to talk and was eager to ask me where I was calling from.

With just a few minutes of basic email address and name setup (which the app does not verify). You are ready to begin your voice or text chat with a stranger. Look out for this app, keep your kids away!

Blue, blue app white p, white p, white, p

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