Find my Friends


Find my Friends

Threat Level – Moderate

Find my friends is a free app on the apple IOS. You will see when you go to download, this is actually made by Apple, and is a recommended install when you get a new Apple Device. This is a location based sharing network where you sign in with your iTunes account. Once you sign in to the app, it shows your location on a map. You then invite your friends and when they accept, they can see you on a map, and you can see where they are.

Not a lot of chat features other than basic, and I would normally give a high threat level on any app that wants to publish the users location (especially for children) but here is why I didn’t. Apple has developed this app to be secure enough that the user has to accept, and then allow others to see where they are. As long as you confirm who is on your child’s friend list, and they are not a threat, and just an innocent friend, your ok.

The user interface makes it very easy to see your friends, and for them to see you. But now for the neatest feature for you to utilize for safety. If you have your children on separate accounts on iTunes, you can add them and set alarms. For example, you could set an alarm if they leave a certain area (like sneaking out in the middle of the night) or set an alarm to alert you when they get to a certain location. For example, I could set an alert to tellme when my 17 year old gets to work at Ingles. This feature attempts to tilt the fear of being a GPS app away from bad, to it being a safety feature.

I Haven’t read about any hacks or any instances where the app was compromised, and being an Apple product, I am pretty sure they monitor its security settings very well.

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