Threat Level – Very Low

Throwback is an app that lets you take a picture, and send it to yourself or a group of friends at some point in the future. The app won’t let you even see the picture you’ve taken any sooner than a month.

When you receive the picture, you’ll be able to save it to your camera or PC since it arrives in the form of an attachment to your email.

The idea comes from founder Calli Higgins. In her own words, “it’s out of an exploration between photography and nostalgia.” “After researching why certain images pang us while others don’t, I realized nostalgia is conjured by revisiting something you haven’t seen in a while,” she stated in an interview.

The app is super simple and straightforward. Once you’ve registered an email address, you are given the option to take a new picture or choose on from your photo album. You then select a date, a general range of time (from six months to five years) or click “Surprise.” The soonest you can receive a picture is one month from the current date.

Seems like a harmless app, but anytime pictures and kids are involved, we need to be careful. I think this app is completely innocent and doesn’t show any signs on being exploited, and the harshest offense may be juvenile pranks. One thing to remember is that this app uses the camera feature from inside the application. Utilizing this feature will permit the photos taken from showing in your camera roll. So when you take a picture, it stays in the app itself.

The pictures are sent as an attachment to an email address that is from whatever address you setup when you first opened the app. Unlike Poke or Snapchat where the viewer only has a certain time frame to view the picture.

As of now there are no social ties, but I can see them connecting in the near future. This may allow people to put a time frame on when pictures are showed to your wall or tweeted. Another interesting feature that we will have to look for in updates

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