Threat Level – Very High

Just for the record, right off the bat.. Yes it looks innocent, and Yes it is called CocoPPA.  That spelling is not  a spell check error.  This app is made by Japanese company, and I have not figured out the reason for the name of this app yet.

CocoPPa is an app which enables you to make your favorite image as the “one-touch icon” and place the icon on the home screen.  Seems harmless enough right? This app allows you to make custom icons for other apps.  This app seems innocent , Hello Kitty pink and purple color scheme kinda feel for your device.  The programmers of this app probably never thought of it being anything but a cute fun way for kids to change the look and feel of their device or phone.

That would have been a great idea, if they made the app icon disguise keep the same name.  But they didn’t, it is customizable or set from a template.  So you ask me, What does that mean? Let me explain

Digi Social is another Very High Threat rate app that i have reviewed in the past.  WIth this Cocoppa app, they can download Digisocial (knowing it may get them in trouble)  Then take this app and disguise the look of the Digisocial app, and even the name to something else.  It could say You Tube but when you touch to open it, it then opens Digi Social app which is a plus 18 app with sexually explicit content.

This is every kids dream, that is trying to keep you from knowing about a texting app, or another app that they may have gotten in trouble with , and you thought they deleted.  So you ask yourself, If the app disguised is not called the app it actually is, then how in this world can i ever monitor that?  Will you have to open up every app on your kids device, to make sure it boots to the right application?  The answer is No, and let me explain how to combat this.

This app basically works as a shortcut between it and the actual app, so you still have to download the app you are trying to disguise on your phone or device.  So if you make a pretty cute pink app with bubbles and flowers and call it Bubble pop, but it actually opens a sexually explicit Digis Social app, you still have to have the regular Digisocial app on  your device somewhere.  The only place to hide it, would be inside a folder to make it less obvious.  So to combat this, all you need is to look for all apps on the phone, even apps inside folders.

This app doesn’t replace the original app icon, but just makes a second one, and shortcuts it to original.

I gave this a Very High Threat level, because I wanted to archive it as such, to let parents know that there are disguise apps such as this out there, so pay attention to the little things.  Especially the names of apps.  One slip up could cause your child to see something they should never see. Be diligent in your social media safety!

If you are still confused, watch this Tutorial Video on how they show you to set up this app.  You will understand the Disguise feature, and how it could be taken advantage of for the wrong reason.

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8 thoughts on “CocoPPA

  1. Ok good i though that u were gonna say that you could be getting into stuff that it takes u to. I have no apps my mom dosn’t know about and no bad apps good thing right ? 🙂 thank you for the info on these horrible apps that we need to take a stand against 😉 keep up the good work

  2. Hello. This is CocoPPa office.
    Thank you for writing about CocoPPa on your blog!
    We are glad you’re enjoying CocoPPa☆
    We hope you will continue to enjoy CocoPPa (○’ω’○)

  3. Thank you for the information. I use Cocoppa icons which seem ok (I’m an adult, btw). BUT, whenever I’ve tried to install the Cocoppa launcher, my phone overheats and the battery is drained within 2 hours. You’ve answered my question as to why. Thank you. 🙂

  4. I don’t think this a fair rating for the app Cocoppa because its purpose isn’t to hide inappropriate apps with cute icons. Honestly by default every phone and tablet or iPad has a setting for each app to change the icon with a given set of icons also you can rename apps as well….NO COCOPPA REQUIRED. You are generalizing all teenagers as being dishonest and lustful; not every teens dream is to fool their parents and download explicit apps. If you really wanted to watch porn you could open an incognito tab to search whatever you wanted without any history of it being recorded in the browser. Instead of being paranoid about your children being dishonest try teaching them about honesty and talking to them about sex and age appropriations.

    • Thank you for your post. I actually base my reviews off of real Situations where I have personally been involved in an open investigation. I am just giving my opinion based off what I witnessed it used as. All the apps I review are not All horrible for any age group. I just base on what I have seen them used for and as. I preface my site with these are all my opinions. I appreciate the response though.

  5. I love your post and it’s very informative! I just downloaded this app and I’m a little wary about actually downloading the themes. I’m not using it for bad purposes or to hide anything I was just wondering if it is safe to use.

    Great article!

    • Yes you are ok! I saw no problem with the app or themes. I just wanted parents to be aware since we saw some cases where children were trying to disguise apps they were not suppose to have. Thanks for the post!

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