Threat Level – Very High

Growlr is a Homosexual Social Network app available on all devices. This app is named after its icon being a Bear. So you ask what are they referring to being a bear? That is what some people are calling a masculine gay man.

This app has over 1,000,000 members worldwide and allows homosexual men meet other homosexual men. This is an extremely dangerous app and needs to be deleted immediately off your childs phone. This app was designed as an adult only application and not intended for children. This app says there are no explicit pictures on the photos, but just a screen shot pic search you can tell they don’t monitor that to closely.

This app has a 17 year older download requirement which is easily bypassed. You can also check in and find other “Bears” around you. Be aware that kids are making horrible mistakes and posting other peoples pictures on this app and site as a way to fake an account to make it appear the other person made it. They refer to this as Growling, or Making you a Bear. They also may refer to other Real life Bear analogies, for example…. Are you Hibernating? Coming out of the Cave? Coming out of hibernation? A terrible way to cyberbully. Sexuality and sexual related issues should be discussed with your children by the parents.

Be on the listen for these type statements and protect your children from this adult content. This app is an adult app only and gives you the warning for adult use only when you download. Make sure your children are not bypassing that warning and going to apps without you knowing.

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