Let me tweet that for you


Let Me Tweet That for you

Threat Level – Very High

I am usually posting app reviews along with safety pertaining to mobile devices, but to educate yourself on your child’s website history is just as important as monitoring their phones or mobile devices. Don’t neglect to keep tabs on your home PC, and your child’s mobile devices Internet browser history.

We all know the importance of CyberBullying and how to watch for the signs in our children Everyone always fears the time when your child becomes the target for CyberBullying. But there has to be a bully somewhere.

I have been involved in conversation with parents, family and friends about the growing topic of Cyber bullying. I must admit, that often I have thought in the back of my mind … I hope my child never falls victim to the horrors of cyber bullying. I have never thought of it from the other side. What if after all the time of making sure my child did the right thing, what if they made one mistake and hurt someones online reputation.

For this thought alone, I wanted to review a website that I feel is just as dangerous as a lot of other sites with explicit material. The site is called Lemmetweetthatforyou.com The basics of this site which is very non graphic and straight to the point, is that it allows the user to make a false tweet. The tweet will appear that it came from whomever the person wants. People will see the profile picture and whatever they want to say.

Children are using this to be “funny” and tweet juvenile things about others, but sometimes it could be to much. At the moment, this is a website and not on the mobile platform. I am hoping that Twitter can do something about this to keep it from going to public and catching on.

The good news is, these tweets do not show as a tweet in your history. This is for pure Screenshot only, and can be tracked down to who made the fake tweet picture. Forensically this can be controlled and found out who did it, but for a child sometimes just one derogatory comment or something cruel is posted, that is enough.

If you do find this website in your history, please ask your children what they are doing with it, and educate them on the power of posting something that is not true, making it look like something else.

I gave this a very High Threat level, due to this being a site that encourages people to make posts that are not real.

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