Threat Level – High

Glide is the world’s first instant video messaging platform, combining the personality of video chat with the convenience of texting.
This app works as a video message for Facebook user accounts.  At the moment, you have to utilize your Facebook account to start your Glide app.  They are in the process of setting up the app for email, Facebook or Twitter. So what does this app do?
This App allows you to broadcast video messages to friends instantly. If they’re available you can chat in realtime – if not they can respond later after your video message.  This app key points hit on One tap broadcasting live video, No upload needed to send or receive messages, due to the app streaming your messages to Glides Cloud server, and also allows video chat with Groups of people.

One other feature I saw with this app is how you can text with the live Video Feed active at the same time.  This requires the bandwidth, but on the back side is programmed to handle on Wifi Or Cellular.

Below are the points that are highlighted in the app review when you search for download

• One tap to broadcast live
• Broadcast videos even if your friends are offline
• No upload or download needed to broadcast or receive messages
• Chat one-on-one or with huge groups of friends
• Messages don’t take up any space on your phone – everything’s saved in the cloud
• View & respond to messages whenever you want
• No limit to the number of messages you can broadcast and receive
• Use text and emoji, even while watching a live broadcast

I Rated this app a High Threat Level for 2 reasons. One it ties to your Facebook account.  If you are not monitoring all the friends your child has (you should start) then they now have a free easy app to flip to for text and Video chat.  Secondly, this is a video conferencing application, and as with any video conferencing, it puts your child in front of others in a possible un safe environment.  If you see this app on your child’s device, be sure to ask who they are conferencing with and see their friends list.  Since it ties to Facebook at the moment, that means they have to utilize Facebook.  Check their Facebook friends to see who they could be video conferencing with.


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