Threat Level – Moderate

Pinger is a proprietary, cross-platform texting and calling application for smartphones.

In addition to SMS, users can call a number to leave an audio recording, similar to WeChat. Users can communicate with others who do not use Pinger via texting and calling. Calls are free within US and Canada, while texting is free in 35 countries.

New accounts receive a new phone number and 10 free minutes. You can add more minutes for talking as you wish, but it does cost. Similar to a calling card. Pinger is one of the founding text and voice apps for mobile devices.

Remember a lot of parents think because their child doesn’t have a phone with a data account then they can’t talk or text. That is wrong! This app uses your wifi or high speed Internet services and assigns you a number for free!

This means they can text and talk over the Internet. Similar to Skype. Also remember this can be adde to an iPhone or android phone. This means if you are monitoring the incoming and outgoing texts of the phone, this will not show up. To view these text messages, you will need to open the app itself and view from inside. They will not show up as texts or voice calls on your phone bill either. It just shows as data usage, just like they were surfing the Internet

I have this a moderate threat level since it is a messaging app. Be sure to monitor the contacts they have in app and also ask why they are using this app. Most children use this for 2 reasons. 1. To hide text messages from displaying normally. 2. They are using an itouch or iPad and don’t have a text messaging option other than inside an app. Aka text plus..Skype..etc

Blue app, p, white p, blue and white, blue

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