Threat Level – Very High

iDelete is a photo sharing app made by the a company with the same name. This app is another Snapchat and Facebook Poke clone.

iDelete allows its users to create simple account to, then share photos with your friends you invite inside the app. What makes this app different than Snapchat or Facebook poke, is the way it stores the picture and deletes it

This app allows a user to take a photo from inside the app, then send that photo to another iDelete user. When the message is received, the viewer has a pre determined amount of time to view the picture. From 3-10 seconds. After the allotted time, the picture then deletes itself.

The difference from Snapchat though is how iDelete states the way the picture is store for those few seconds, does not allow a person the take a screen shot of the image to save it.

When you use Snapchat or Facebook poke, a well timed screenshot will allow you to save the senders picture. iDelete will not allow that

I gave this app a very high threat level due to kids utilizing apps similar to this for sexting or sending pictures they do not want to get caught sending.

The growth of Snapchat will only cause these type picture sharing apps to be released. Brace yourself for more

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