Threat Level – Low

Knotch is an app that uses the slogan, Everyone has an opinion about everything. Each opinion on Knotch is expressed in color (with optional text commentary). Warm colors represent high degree of likeability and cool colors the opposite. On each topic, users could see a spectrum of  opinions represented by a ‘temperature’ bar. If warm colors dominating bar, it means more people liking or react positively to the topic. If blue color tones dominate, there are more people disliking or disapproving the topic. With the bar, users can see the sentiment of any topic, at a glance and in color. It offers a peek into the minds of the crowd, so to speak.

You have to login at the moment with your Facebook account, but I am sure they will be adding more login options in the future.  You can have followers, or follow other people to see what your friends are giving their opinion about in Knotch.

Knotch prides itself on being the first app to connect with others based on true colors.  For the first time in social media, build your profile based on your opinions and use these to discover and connect with old and new friends.

This app seems friendly enough that you are only seeing topics that have been rated a color, then possibly a one or two line review or post about the particular topic.

You can follow people who have similar opinions based on what color and opinions you leave about topics.  You can then choose whether or not to follow them inside Knotch.  Of course like a lot of apps, it wants to publish your opinions and what you say to your wall on Facebook or Tweet them.. This is easily turned off before you make the post.  Another feature of Knotch is that you can follow topics instead of just people.  For example, Ironman 3.  If you wanted to make a topic named, or join one called Ironman 3, you can make a post about the movie, and then others will see what you said, and you can see their post labeled Ironman 3.

After playing with Knotch for several minutes, I did not see any adult oriented material, but I am sure it could be found with something  close to follow if wanted.  I recommend parent to look at what their child is following once inside the app.  Most categories have to do with Movie, Sports or Major Events.  You can also create your own channels for your friends.  The  only flag I can see is if your child starts following a stranger, or finding a strangers post interesting.  This is why it is important to know who they are associating with inside the applicaiton.

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Threat Level – Low


You will probably start seeing a web address pop up in your child’s profile on Instagram, or any other Social Site.  The web address will look like  or similar.  This is a a Popular Fad growing with kids.  So you ask Yourself, What is it?

Ask.FM is a website that has you set up an account with your name, then gives you a URL.  That URL is specific to you and is what I listed in first paragraph.  The address will look like  They are then able to copy that address and place it inside any of their profiles on any social site, or even on an email signature.  Basically anywhere others could see it.

When someone clicks on this URL, it takes them to a specific page that your child has set up for them.  This is a basic page that allows anyone to ask any question on anonymity.  They do not have to leave a name, or any contact info.  If your child has a page, I recommend bookmarking it and keeping an eye on what is being posted.

Most of the time they are innocent questions, but just like with anything, there is the occasional person that wants to be mean, or ask an inappropriate question.

Since it is open to anyone to ask a question, I bumped from Very Low to Low, but it still can be moderated and followed closely to permit any unwanted questions being asked to your child.


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Apps that Help

Lookout is an IOS and Android app that is very useful for parents to help keep up with their child’s devices, and to monitor them via GPS.  Lookout has several features.  It is advertised as a way to never loose you phone again.  Once installed on your device with a small setup feature, you are then able to log in to a website to monitor the location of the phone.  A neat feature also is when your battery is about to die, it automatically logs the last location it could hit a GPS tower.  You can also track your device live.  Which is a good way to check up on your children who have cell phones.

Lookout also has a contact backup feature.   It allows you to back up all your contacts to load onto a new phone or the same phone if you ever have to restore your device to Factory Settings.

Lookout also allows you to connect to any internet enabled device and log into your account to send a alert to your phone.  This works even when your phone is on silent.  A great feature since kids are always loosing their phones.  Inside this feature is also the ability to create a custom message that shows up on your screen to alert the finder of your phone how to get it back to you..

Some of these features ICloud does on the IOS devices, but the few extras that Lookout has is very beneficial.  This is Androids users answer to not having iCloud.  And did I mention it is free!

This app Being Free, and enabling you to find the location of the phone is a great plus (Especially for Android users)  Download it and give it a try.

Video for Kik


Video For Kik

Threat Level – Low

Video for kik is an app that does just as it says. It lets you place videos to your kik account when using an Iphone or Android phone. Video for Kik is available to Iphone and Android markets, but Android also uses another popular app called FileKiker that I will review separately. Kik as I Reviewed before, is a social media Texting app that allows people to create Kik accounts and usernames to send instant messages. Kik uses data and does not require a cellular account to send and receive messages and only a Kik account and internet access to send the message over data.

Kik app allows text messaging and sharing photos, but never allowed the sharing of videos inside the app. Third parties developed software to let Kik users share video. Once you download Video for Kik you are able to take a new video or select and existing video for sharing on the kik app. The app is free, but does have 3 options inside to add to app for .99 cents each. Those 3 options are, Remove Advertisement, Enable high Quality video sharing, and Share longer videos (Up to 30 seconds) This put the total approximately $3.00 to utilize the full potential of the app itself.

In August of 2012, Video for Kik extended the .99 cent add on for app on longer videos from 30 second to 45 seconds. I gave this a Low Threat Level for your chidden, because this app has to have 2 things. One a Kik account and 2 Kik account users. Monitor your childs Kik account to make sure who they are sharing videos with and if they are appropriate videos to share.

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Shazam for Redband Trailers


As I was watching Television, or should I say my DVR, I came across something I had not noticed before.

During the commercials, that I normally fast forward through, I noticed something printed at the bottom of the screen. When I stopped to see exactly what it was, it was text that stated Shazam for Red Band. Being a movie lover myself, I knew what a red band trailer was and was surprised Shazam along with the movie preview that it was under had started a new interactive feature with movie trailers.

First I will explain what a Red Band Trailer is and how they are utilized. When a movie is made, the company will also do a section for the movie trailer (preview) this is what you see when you are watching television and see a movie preview that makes you want to jump out of the recliner and go to the movies.

Now to the Red Band Trailer. It gets its name from the color that comes on the screen before the trailer. On normal trailers it is a bright green color, usually with the rating of the movie. In a Red Band trailer, the green is bright red. It is also a 17 plus trailer which means it is not recommended to be viewed by anyone under 17 years old. (The reason you have not heard about Red Band Trailers is because most movie theaters do not allow them, due to graphic state)

The Shazam tie in is just a way to access this more explicit trailer. If you want an example, you tube search Evil Dead Red Band Trailer and you will see this is nothing any child should be watching. Shazam allows you to open the Shazam app and activate it while the normal trailer is playing on the television. It listens for the trailer and identifies the movie, it then launches on your device the red band trailer, and begins to play the more explicit preview.

Most Red Band trailers are developed to push the envelope and are not appropriate for children. Be aware of this while you are watching television with your children and see the above pictured “Shazam for Red Band Trailer” ad at the bottom of your screen.




Threat Level – Very High

Whisper is a social media app available on mobile devices that is calling itself a private social networking app, that lets you connect to others with your interests.

This app flags as a 17 plus app, but just takes few touches to bypass right by that warning. Once the app is downloaded, you can start viewing posts from other strangers, without registering a name, picture or email address.

This does not look like Facebook or any other social media site, but if I had to pick another app to compare the look to, I would go with Pinterest.

Users can select a picture, or a default image for the background selection. Once you have your background, you then can make a 200 character post on anonymity. When I was viewing the posts, I would see a lot of sexual explicit topics and homosexuality.

Once a post is made, users can comment and like the posts. You also have the ability to discuss someone else’s post with a comment or give them a like.

Another feature inside the app, is how it uses gps on your device to show you others that are utilizing this app closest to you, everyone I have checked that feature with have been within 5-10 miles.

This app also allows you to share things you find to other popular media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter.

I am not sure why a child would ever need this app on their device. I don’t feel like posting things to strangers about any topic is safe. Throw in the GPS to see people close to you and that equal lbs very high threat level. Keep this one deleted.

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Threat Level – Low

Wanelo app is available on cross platforms for mobile devices and is actually categorized as a lifestyle app.

The basics of this app are similar to Pinterest. That was why it was confusing to see it in the lifestyle section on the app market.

With this app, you register with an email address and then tell some basic information such as sex and age range. From that point, you assign yourself a user name and a profile picture. The app then generates items for sale from different categories.

The app tiles the items which look similar to Pinterest and also allows you to follow others on Wanelo, and then allows them to follow you. Since all of the items are for purchases it has a couple different ways to save your favorites. One is similar to a favorites or bookmark feature, to view later. The other way is to save the item as a gift idea. In hopes your followers will feel sorry for you and buy it as a gift

As with most apps, it does have a tie in with Facebook and twitter to share items you find for sale onto your social networks.

There is no chat features or messaging features at this time that would put your child in contact with strangers.

Just like any app with a friends list, monitor it.

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Quick Meme


Quick Meme

Threat Level – Very Low

Quick Meme is an app that is designed for quick Meme making. It has all the fonts for text and also the most popular Internet Memes.

For the ones that don’t know what a meme is, let me explain. An Internet Meme or Meme is defined (pron.: /ˈmiːm/ meem) as a concept that spreads from person to person via the Internet.

The concept of a meme was defined and described by Richard Dawkins in his 1976 book The Selfish Gene, as an attempt to explain the way cultural information spreads; internet memes are a subset of this, specific to the culture and environment of the internet.

Fads and sensations tend to grow rapidly on the Internet, because the instant communication facilitates word of mouth transmission.

The most common Internet Memes are usually two lines of text with a picture. The pictures are used over and over again, with different text. Usually funny or witty text for joking purposes

Some of the common picture memes are named. For example, grumpy cat, or the famous Game of Thrones winter is coming.

Kids are beginning to catch into the wittiness of memes and the humor behind them. You see more and more going viral and even being signed as advertisement for big companies.

Most Memes are created for funny one liners or subjects to be edgy but funny. Below is an example of a grumpy cat meme.


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Threat Level – Very Low

Snapclap is a friendly reminder that pictures can be taken without touching the shutter button on your phone.

With Snapclap, the user has to ability to take a photo two different ways. One is by opening the app, setting your phone in the position you want it, and clap your hands. The app then snaps a picture, either front or rear camera . The second way is via a timer. You can launch Snapclap and set a predetermined time you want to take a picture.

As for the social side, you can export your photos to the major social networking sites with the touch of an export button.

This app is a good reminder and also a good lesson to teach your child that someone doesn’t have to be holding up a phone in front of them to take pictures.

One unwanted picture shared to the world could be very damaging to your child.

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Threat Level – High

Skype was first released in 2003 by the same people that developed the file sharing software for Kazaa. Over the past 10 years, Skype has grown to be one of the most popular voice over Internet services. With over 600 million users and was bought by Microsoft in 2011 for $8.5 billion. Along with Skype Internet site, both Android and appeal

The service allows users to communicate with peers by voice using a microphone, video by using a webcam, and instant messaging over the Internet. Phone calls may be placed to recipients on the traditional telephone networks. Calls to other users within the Skype service are free of charge, while calls to landline telephones and mobile phones are charged via a debit-based user account system. Skype has also become popular for its additional features, including file transfer, and I stand messaging. Think of Skype as the original FaceTime. Skype should be recognized as one of the fore fathers of video conferencing.

Skype is also available on mobile devices for android and IOS. These apps are free to download and charge for calls to traditional phone services, but offer free Skype to Skype and instant messaging.

Skype has over 650 million registered users, and as of 2011 owned by Microsoft.

On January 9, 2013, Microsoft revealed that it intends to retire Windows Live Messenger in favor of its Skype service, although Messenger will continue in mainland China. Microsoft began the transition for all users on April 8, 2013.

I gave this a high threat level, due to the video chatting but if located on your child’s device you must find out who they are skyping with and monitor closely.

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