Threat Level – High

App me is another messaging application in the growing list of messaging services. Appme is similar to several other messaging apps being able to send and receive text messages. Appme is not a SMS texting application but a instant messaging app. They call it indtant messaging due to being able to only send messages inside the app, and not to outside phone numbers.

Appme allows person to person messaging and also group messaging. You can also view where your friends are utilizing the GPS feature of the app. This also can be used cross platforms from IOS to android.

App me does have a little more social networking side than other texting apps. It allows the user to setup a profile with a picture and to also make status updates that is viewable by friends.

Overall security settings are similar to any texting or instant messaging app. You can only message inside the app, so be sure to monitor the friends list if your child has appme loaded on their phone.

With this app incorporating the GPS feature and being able to see where your friends are, I bumped up from the usual moderate threat level of texting apps to a high threat level.

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