Threat – Level Very high

MocoSpace is a mobile game community focused for mobile, also available on an open website. The features of the site are similar to other social networking sites. Features include mobile games, chat, instant messaging, eCards, and photos.

MocoSpace is an off deck mobile site, which means that it isn’t featured on the start page of cell phone carriers but is a standalone mobile web site that can be visited by any phone with mobile web access.

MocoSpace is one of a number of Boston-area startups focusing on developing applications for the mobile web. MocoSpace is the largest HTML5 mobile game community in the U.S. with well over 25 million registered users and over 3 billion monthly page views.

It is also one of the largest mobile websites of any type in the U.S.

The app for Mocospace is available on all platforms and simple to use. The start screen when open says play games , find friends. It immediately is reaching out to things that kids like to do. The sign up screen is easy with a 1 click Facebook sign in, that takes your Facebook info to create your Mocospace account for you, or a simple sign up feature that only needs a name, email your age and a photo to create an account. It never asked me for age, or for any email verification. Within 2 minutes of when I launched the app, I was in Mocospace.

In the first page when I logged in, I knew what this app was targeting. It wanted to use my gps location to locate other Mocospace users around me, and also their ages were within a couple years of what I registered on setup. (Do you need people opposite your sex, or gender for online gaming, like the title says? I don’t think so) The first thing I saw was a thumbnail gallery of pictures of females, most mirror shots with a lot being sexually explicit. I am assuming it was only showing females, because my login setup was setup as a male. Right off the bat, this app appeared to be more of a hook up site than a friendly chat and gaming site. I could click on their picture and it immediately told me that I could send them a message. In several profiles that I viewed, I saw posts that read “hot momma looking for love”, “need a real man hook up”, “lonely for love”. Not one time did I see….wanna play Pacman?

From the menu, you can find friends, select games an share status updates with others, and also have a private mailbox. The user interface is very easy to navigate around and even easier to hook up with a stranger and begin “chat”.

I gave this app a Very High Threat level due to its sexually explicit feel of site and also promoting talking to strangers of the opposite sex. Also with the titles of these chat rooms, this seems like a community where predators could be in waiting.

Mocospace can be accessed from the Internet or from a mobile device. If you see this app on your child’s phone, or Internet history please address it immediately.

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4 thoughts on “Mocospace

  1. Mocospace is a very dangerous app, almost immediately you are inundated with advertisements to clearly pornographic sites…. good job on this post

  2. Yeah on this site it is IMPOSSIBLE for men and women to just be FRIENDS. I said I am married and do not cheat. They laughed like I told the funniest joke in the world. Even though my profile says FRIENDS! STAY AWAY FROM MOCOSPACE!

  3. I’ve been a Moco vet for five years—why a woman of my caliber has bothered to remain for so long is almost baffling. And the community has only become viler in the regard you all speak. There’s quite a bit of cyberbullying, too.

    The admins are making an attempt to clean up the site, though. Since this entry’s publication, MocoSpace has instilled a mobile verification system to cut down on misrepresented accounts. And there are notifications now (though largely ignored by the masses) constantly discouraging its users from meeting offline and sharing personal information, along with an age minimum.

    Yes, these reviews need more press, so that others not seeking such company won’t blindly sign up to the site. If I had known the more explicit notions beforehand, I probably would have never joined. That is why it is important to do our research, folks…thoroughly! I’ve learned this lesson in more ways than one.

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