Threat Level – Low

Wanelo app is available on cross platforms for mobile devices and is actually categorized as a lifestyle app.

The basics of this app are similar to Pinterest. That was why it was confusing to see it in the lifestyle section on the app market.

With this app, you register with an email address and then tell some basic information such as sex and age range. From that point, you assign yourself a user name and a profile picture. The app then generates items for sale from different categories.

The app tiles the items which look similar to Pinterest and also allows you to follow others on Wanelo, and then allows them to follow you. Since all of the items are for purchases it has a couple different ways to save your favorites. One is similar to a favorites or bookmark feature, to view later. The other way is to save the item as a gift idea. In hopes your followers will feel sorry for you and buy it as a gift

As with most apps, it does have a tie in with Facebook and twitter to share items you find for sale onto your social networks.

There is no chat features or messaging features at this time that would put your child in contact with strangers.

Just like any app with a friends list, monitor it.

Wanlo, yellow, white, green, cubes, squares, small squares

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