Video for Kik


Video For Kik

Threat Level – Low

Video for kik is an app that does just as it says. It lets you place videos to your kik account when using an Iphone or Android phone. Video for Kik is available to Iphone and Android markets, but Android also uses another popular app called FileKiker that I will review separately. Kik as I Reviewed before, is a social media Texting app that allows people to create Kik accounts and usernames to send instant messages. Kik uses data and does not require a cellular account to send and receive messages and only a Kik account and internet access to send the message over data.

Kik app allows text messaging and sharing photos, but never allowed the sharing of videos inside the app. Third parties developed software to let Kik users share video. Once you download Video for Kik you are able to take a new video or select and existing video for sharing on the kik app. The app is free, but does have 3 options inside to add to app for .99 cents each. Those 3 options are, Remove Advertisement, Enable high Quality video sharing, and Share longer videos (Up to 30 seconds) This put the total approximately $3.00 to utilize the full potential of the app itself.

In August of 2012, Video for Kik extended the .99 cent add on for app on longer videos from 30 second to 45 seconds. I gave this a Low Threat Level for your chidden, because this app has to have 2 things. One a Kik account and 2 Kik account users. Monitor your childs Kik account to make sure who they are sharing videos with and if they are appropriate videos to share.

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