Apps that Help

Lookout is an IOS and Android app that is very useful for parents to help keep up with their child’s devices, and to monitor them via GPS.  Lookout has several features.  It is advertised as a way to never loose you phone again.  Once installed on your device with a small setup feature, you are then able to log in to a website to monitor the location of the phone.  A neat feature also is when your battery is about to die, it automatically logs the last location it could hit a GPS tower.  You can also track your device live.  Which is a good way to check up on your children who have cell phones.

Lookout also has a contact backup feature.   It allows you to back up all your contacts to load onto a new phone or the same phone if you ever have to restore your device to Factory Settings.

Lookout also allows you to connect to any internet enabled device and log into your account to send a alert to your phone.  This works even when your phone is on silent.  A great feature since kids are always loosing their phones.  Inside this feature is also the ability to create a custom message that shows up on your screen to alert the finder of your phone how to get it back to you..

Some of these features ICloud does on the IOS devices, but the few extras that Lookout has is very beneficial.  This is Androids users answer to not having iCloud.  And did I mention it is free!

This app Being Free, and enabling you to find the location of the phone is a great plus (Especially for Android users)  Download it and give it a try.

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