Threat Level – Low


You will probably start seeing a web address pop up in your child’s profile on Instagram, or any other Social Site.  The web address will look like  or similar.  This is a a Popular Fad growing with kids.  So you ask Yourself, What is it?

Ask.FM is a website that has you set up an account with your name, then gives you a URL.  That URL is specific to you and is what I listed in first paragraph.  The address will look like  They are then able to copy that address and place it inside any of their profiles on any social site, or even on an email signature.  Basically anywhere others could see it.

When someone clicks on this URL, it takes them to a specific page that your child has set up for them.  This is a basic page that allows anyone to ask any question on anonymity.  They do not have to leave a name, or any contact info.  If your child has a page, I recommend bookmarking it and keeping an eye on what is being posted.

Most of the time they are innocent questions, but just like with anything, there is the occasional person that wants to be mean, or ask an inappropriate question.

Since it is open to anyone to ask a question, I bumped from Very Low to Low, but it still can be moderated and followed closely to permit any unwanted questions being asked to your child.


Keywords: Ask,, fm, ask, question, profile url, profile site

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