Threat Level – Low

Knotch is an app that uses the slogan, Everyone has an opinion about everything. Each opinion on Knotch is expressed in color (with optional text commentary). Warm colors represent high degree of likeability and cool colors the opposite. On each topic, users could see a spectrum of  opinions represented by a ‘temperature’ bar. If warm colors dominating bar, it means more people liking or react positively to the topic. If blue color tones dominate, there are more people disliking or disapproving the topic. With the bar, users can see the sentiment of any topic, at a glance and in color. It offers a peek into the minds of the crowd, so to speak.

You have to login at the moment with your Facebook account, but I am sure they will be adding more login options in the future.  You can have followers, or follow other people to see what your friends are giving their opinion about in Knotch.

Knotch prides itself on being the first app to connect with others based on true colors.  For the first time in social media, build your profile based on your opinions and use these to discover and connect with old and new friends.

This app seems friendly enough that you are only seeing topics that have been rated a color, then possibly a one or two line review or post about the particular topic.

You can follow people who have similar opinions based on what color and opinions you leave about topics.  You can then choose whether or not to follow them inside Knotch.  Of course like a lot of apps, it wants to publish your opinions and what you say to your wall on Facebook or Tweet them.. This is easily turned off before you make the post.  Another feature of Knotch is that you can follow topics instead of just people.  For example, Ironman 3.  If you wanted to make a topic named, or join one called Ironman 3, you can make a post about the movie, and then others will see what you said, and you can see their post labeled Ironman 3.

After playing with Knotch for several minutes, I did not see any adult oriented material, but I am sure it could be found with something  close to follow if wanted.  I recommend parent to look at what their child is following once inside the app.  Most categories have to do with Movie, Sports or Major Events.  You can also create your own channels for your friends.  The  only flag I can see is if your child starts following a stranger, or finding a strangers post interesting.  This is why it is important to know who they are associating with inside the applicaiton.

Key Words :  C, red, yellow, blue, blue, purple and balck app, black app with rainbow, colors

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