Threat Level – High

Tango is a social texting, social media and photo sharing app that has been around for almost 3 years. Tango has recently in early 2013 quarter shown a peak in popularity for downloads, and is in the top 10 Social Media apps downloads And close to 2k reviews averaging 4.5 stars shows it is a popular app.

So what is Tango? Imagine every messaging service available in apps, roll them all together and you get Tango.

Tango lets you send receive voice calls, text calls and as of last month, grouping features for texting to groups of people. Tango took every idea of texting apps and voice over I P apps and tried to make it better, in one complete app.

Tango works across multi platform devices from tablets to IOS to Androids. Tango prides itself on being a seamless, smooth texting app. It uses username and login and as with other texting apps, it uses data from the Internet to send and receive phone calls and texts. Pull the wifi or Internet and Tango is dead in the water !

A few in app features sets Tango above some of the other messaging apps. It allows users to play in app games back and forth, send animations and sending of digital Animations from inside the app. Tango also has some small text editing options from inside the app to lighten, crop and other small editing.

orange app, big t, letter t, white t

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