Let’s Date


Lets Date
Threat Level – High

Lets date is an app developed by Saturn5 technologies that allows users to generate themselves a “dating card”. You do this by signing into the app using Facebook login and then selecting categories you fall under such as, hiker, movie watcher, weight lifter etc.

Once you select your categories and upload your profile pic, you are ready to start selecting Dates. When you select someone, they can then view your card and decide whether to reply with a message and accept the date, or decline.

A couple things struck me odd about this “dating” app. Number one was the explicit pictures that are viewable of profile pics of its users. 2nd was how the warnings of the app on download stated 17 plus, but more strange was all the disclaimers about sexual conduct, nudity, drug use. If this was a legit dating app, why would they need a disclosure on inappropriate remarks?

You also rank the persons card date after the date happens for others to view before dating. Could be an innocent dating app for adults or another sex meet up app disguised as a dating app.

Regardless of this apps intentions good of bad, your child does not need this app on their device. This one is flagged Adults only for a reason.

White, Blue, red, red heart, dating app

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