Threat Level-Very High

Swipe is a mobile application available for IOS and Android devices. Swipe allows you to create an account. Yes you can use your Facebook account for login, which more and more apps are allowing you to do so.

Once you log in to create your own account and upload your profile picture, you can then start viewing other people’s photos. This app uses your GPS location to find other users around you along with your Facebook friends.

As you view the photos you decide whether or not you like the persons pic or like them enough to start a chat session with them. If you like them, you swipe their picture to the right. This puts them in your like section. When that person does the same to you, it notifies the other person and you all can begin to chat. The Chat session is a chat room inside the app and not visible from outside the app.

Now you see why I gave this a very high threat level. I do not want my kids chatting with someone (possibly a complete stranger) because they liked a picture of them. Keep your kids away.

Also reading the App Store reviews, it comes with a 17 or older restriction that all you click is one button to bypass.

Another feature of this App that is horrific is an automatic message sent to everyone that you have saved as a contact with a message telling them to come view your picture. This is a way to lure in all your contacts, even if they are Facebookers.

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