Threat Level – High

Trakka is an app developed for the App Store for apple devices, but will soon be on all platforms.

The first look at the Trakka app picture you will see that there are two devil style horns on the T. There is a reason for this. Trakka is an app for the location of all things adult.

The app costs 2.99 and when you download it, there will be the usual 17 plus warning that you click one button to advance past. After you download and launch the app, it will want to utilize your phone GPS to tell what area you are in to pull up all the adult night life that is in your immediate area.

Trakka has nine categories consisting of 1. Gentleman’s Clubs 2. Night Clubs 3. Strip Clubs 4. Bars 5. Adult Bookstores 6. Pubs 7. ATM locations 8. Hotels 9. Taxis once you click on a category, the app will display all the similar category items in a list. You also have a search feature inside the category.

Once all are listed, you have the option to place pins on your map to show you areas of businesses that were in your category. There is also a search feature for everything inside the app for all categories.

I see no reason for your child to have this app. Why would they need to know the location of adult oriented places in their area? This app was built for people who frequent these areas.

I see more social media tie ins down the chain with updates and other social content.

Keep the kids away from this one.

Black app, red T, red app, black t, big t, t. Devil horns

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