Threat Level- Very High

Jackd app is a social media app for all devices created by Lucid Dreams LLC for Homosexuals. This app is a social media/texting app geared to male on male relationships. This apps first sentence of the preview of the app states…. Enjoy chatting with over 4 million gay guys in your area and around the world. That alone should terrify you if your child has this on their device.

This app should be considered a High Threat Level and deleted and addressed if located on your child’s device. The app has the adult 18 year old plus warning to make accounts but just takes a push of a button to get you past that startup part of the app.

Jackd uses your GPS location of the device to link you with other people close by to chat with. It has a Match Maker feature and allows you to post profile pictures. 3 public pictures and 2 Private pictures. Once account is created you can browse through other homosexuals photos in a list or gallery view style before selecting to start chatting with inside the app. You can make a favorite list to store multiple people for chatting.

This app should be considered extremely dangerous with your children.

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