App Review – Tinder
Threat Level – Very High

Tinder describes its app as a way to meet new people around you. With the Growth of ‘Bang with friends’ and ‘Down’, These Anonymous hookup apps are starting to get more downloads and attention, so get ready parents.

Tinder is a hookup app that allows you to enable gps on your smartphone to see others around you that you would like to meet. The interface of this app is terrifying enough when you think of kids using it. The app actually utilizes a map overlay of apple maps or google maps depending on your preference or phone, to pin point your location versus their location, to give you an exact location of where you and your person of interest are.


I think the 1. Description field on the App Store explains that this app is not meant for anything but hooking up. 1. States “Tinder shows you someone nearby IT thinks you should know and let’s you anonymously like or pass on them”. Don’t you love the idea of Tinder showing your kids who it thinks THEY should meet? I’m sure they double check sexual offender registry or violent crime violators. Ok is that asking to much, well surely they at least verify age….NOT! This is the Internet parents where 40 year olds pose as 14 year olds. Don’t let apps determine who your kids should meet! Tinder! Bang with Friends! Down! All 3 hookup apps that no kid should use!

Back to more features on Tinder. After you see who is around you, you are able to see their picture….or should I say the picture of who they want to be. You can then select Pass or Like them. If you choose the like feature, it will notify them of who likes you and who would like to chat. You are then connected to a private chat room where you can use the in app messaging service to chat back and forth with the STRANGER! What every responsible parent wants? Their kids chatting with strangers? Not mine, and hopefully not yours after you read this!

Another feature that makes Tinder stand out from the other similar apps is the ability to hookup friends of yours with others. Almost as hooking up a blind date. Incoming friends bad decisions as if kids needed help making those!

Tinder uses Facebook login also, so be prepared that your child will start off with all of their Facebook friends to use Tinder with. I am sure they know every single one of those people, along with every friend of a friend? Right?

I ranked Tinder a very high threat level and am placing it under the danger danger apps section on the most dangerous apps for kids. That over 17 warning is just a click away and can be bypassed by anyone with a finger at any age! Watch your children’s devices for this app so you can remove it quickly! We don’t need any app suggesting strangers to meet, or give them the feeling of being anonymous!

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