Tiny Chat


Tiny Chat

Threat Level – High

Tiny Chat is a video conferencing app that advertises as a place to meet people just like you. Connect and make new friends.

Tiny Chat is available on all mobile markets and also via the internet at tinychat.com. Once you create your account with a few input boxes of name, age email address and a username you are ready to video chat. Once that is generated, you can begin your search for different chat rooms to enter. These chat rooms are not just text rooms but video rooms also.

At First glance of the chat rooms I saw categories such as Popular, comedy, entertainment, gaming, hanging out, and teen. As I looked a little closer, I found more less generalized rooms like ‘locals nearby’ and ‘NSFW’ (abbreviation for not safe for work, usually explicit). After looking at more channels I started seeing more video chat rooms that were made by individuals such as lonely freaks, playboy mansion, low key babes and Barbie girls. Some of the photos that are used to advertise these rooms are explicit themselves, I would hate to think what is inside the live video feeds.

Each of these channels will show you how many people are broadcasting video inside them and also how many are watching. Also there will be a brief description about what the channel was created for and what to expect inside the channel. It seems there are a lot of 18 and older warnings on the preview page of open chat rooms. I am concerned about some of these categories after I saw the lonely teenager section moderator picture which did not appear to be a teenager at all.

I have this app a high threat level for children due to the adult oriented content of what appears to be inside these chat rooms. I don’t want my kids video chatting with people they don’t know especially about topics they should not be exposed to. If you find this app on your child’s device , bd sure to find out who they are chatting with.

App description : blue, white, eye, chat bubble, smiling eye, smile, eye, face

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