Snap hack


Snap Hack

Threat Level – Very high

Snap hack is an app available on all markets for a few dollars that allows snap chat users to save pictures that are sent to them via Snap chat.

As you probably already know from earlier reviews, Snapchat is an app that allows its users to send other Snapchat users pictures where they are able to view them for several seconds before they delete themselves. It has been a popular app for sending photos that your friends would have a hard time saving until now.

The way Snap Hack works is after download, you log into your snapchat account with your username and password inside the Snap Hack app. After you login and receive a snapchat, you just have to remember to open Snap hack first and not open Snapchat at all. Snap Hack will then take the photo that you received in Snapchat and save it to your camera roll. Once there, you can view, edit or do as you wish with the snapchat photo that was sent to you via Snapchat.

I have this app a high threat level due to what it could get your children involved in. I have personally seen kids convince other kids to send inappropriate pictures via snapchat since they delete themselves, and they use that as leverage. With this app, if your child is not aware, they may be sending a picture they think will auto delete and little do they know, the other person has saved a copy of their photo.

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