Threat Level- Low

Vycarious Is a social-media app that is available for iOS (future android and other system compatibility are coming) The app lets you create, follow and comment on friends experiences, ranging from a two-week vacation to fixing breakfast. This social experience focuses on one event and categorizes them as such.

On download, it requires access to Facebook like a lot of other social apps are doing. Once you grant access, it generates your account for you. All you have to do is give your account a username for people to find you. After this, you are ready to let others see your experiences you create.

You begin by creating an experience with creating a cover photo and description of what you are going to share, you create up to 5 hashtags for others to be able to search. You then select your start date and description of your experience.

For example, users create an “experience description,” such as “cooking Breakfast.” They then choose a photo or video as the lead image, denote a starting date and time, and include hashtags to make their experience searchable. After that, users can upload posts, videos, images and other media until their experience ends. However, friends can still write comments even after users hit the end button to signal that their experience is over.

As for your children using this app, The social interaction is basically sharing of the photos and commenting on the experience inside the app. There is no live chat or any features other than comments. Just monitor who your child shares these experiences with and who they are watching.

One thing I did notice was when I created an experience with making my breakfast I had 3 followers before I was done with it. I didn’t have to accept them or approve them. Keep in mind to monitor who is watching experiences and what kind of pictures your child is posting. In the early stages of this social media app, I am not seeing a lot of ways to block people from viewing my experiences.

App description- white, blue, v, blue V

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