Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger

Threat Level – Moderate

Facebook Messenger is an app for all mobile markets that allows messenging from outside the Facebook site. Facebook messenger has been available for a while now but has had a lot of upgrades over the past few months. So why you do you ask? I will tell you…if Facebook thinks any other messaging apps have better formats, user Interfaces, or other ways to utilize the app better, they are going to improve their own messenger app.

Facebook messenger is an app that is downloaded separately from the Facebook app itself. You will see a separate icon for the Facebook messenger app that I have pictured above. If you delete the Facebook app, your Facebook messenger app is still active. Both require you to log in to your Facebook account.

When you launch your messenger app, you will see that you are asked to login to your Facebook account. This allows your Facebook messages to alert you on the new messenger app. You will still be alerted inside Facebook as well. On a side note, once inside the app you will see the messenger app icon next to your friends names if they are utilizing the messenger app as well. If they are not, then the message will be waiting on them the next time they log into Facebook.

When Facebook originally launched the Facebook messenger, it was just used for Facebook Messaging. Now with the new updates, you can send and receive texts to and from people without them being on Facebook. Basically this app is similar to Kik, Wechat and other texting apps that use the internet or data to send and receive text messages.

Facebook continues to make changes and improvements to its messenger app to try and move more people over to use it. Just like with anything that Facebook owns or puts money into, they will not give up.

Remember parents to monitor Facebook friends to keep strangers off your children’s Facebook walls and their messenger app.

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