Threat Level – High

Glide is a social media app that advertises it’s message as “why send text messages, when you can send videos”. This app is available for download on the mobile market for free and acts as a video messaging service. A video message can be sent up to 90 seconds long.

Once you download the app, you create a user account with basic information for identification and an email. Once you complete this easy process, it is then time to start collecting friends PIN numbers to send them messages.

This app allows you to record a message in a short video form (90 seconds) and then send to your approved Glide friends. Both parties (the sender and person receiving must have Glide accounts) If they are available then they can see the video message immediately. If not, the video message waits on the user to log back into the app to show them their received video message. The video message is saved on Glides cloud service which in turn does not take up any space on your phone. It also allows for group video sharing for multiple friends and also unlimited amount of video chats you can send and receive. It also allows for posting of videos to other social media sites and lets you review old messages you have received in the past.

Glide also has some built in selectable filters to assist in filtering or editing the videos themselves from inside the app.

This app should be monitored closely by parents if their kids are using. Make sure to regularly check to see who their friends are inside this app to keep them from sending or receiving any inappropriate video chats.

Blue app, blue, white g, g, big G, white and blue G

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