Threat Level – High

Lulu is an app available for the Apple and Android markets for the mobile platform. They also have a website that can access a portion of what the app does. Lulu is describe as a private network for girls to express and share their opinions openly and honestly. In other words, they say Lulu is a private app for girls to read and create reviews of guys they know.

Girls will download the app and rate boys via a questionnaire that is a set of questions. If they do not want to answer a question they skip it. This app is different than other review apps such as Yelp, due to the fact it does not allow a spot for personal opinions, only a multiple choice answer to the questions about the boy. I thought at first view this app maybe similar to a dating app, but in reality it is one sided opinions from girls on boys around them. There is a 17 year old warning or restriction but it is just one click of an ok button away from downloading app with full access.

Once downloaded you can connect your account with your Facebook account. You are then ready to start reviewing boys. After the questionnaire, you are able to create hashtags for the guys reviewed. For example #sporty, #cancook or #bigblueeyes. This app seems like it is generated around college students having a college search setting. You do not have to authenticate any entry though and all ratings from 1-10 is based off different opinions. Also on a side note…If you are a guy getting a review, and are not happy with it, you can request a removal via their website.

As you can imagine, some kids are not waiting until they are 17 or in college. They are downloading and using at an earlier age. Another part that was concerning about someone that is not an adult utilizing this app was a feature a section called Dear dude. This is where a guy is posting about male/female issues from a males perspective anonymously. The first comment I saw was a sexual explicit comment related to a sexual topic with comments back and forth. This was graphic enough that I would not want my child downloading the app and exposed to this kind of content.

Lulu – pink pink app, l, letter l, capital l, pink and white l
Be sure to monitor devices and watch for this app if downloaded by your child.

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