Talking Angela


Talking Angela
Threat Level – Low

With all the talk of this app and Facebook rumors spreading like wildfire, I had several requests to get up an honest review of the app. So let’s start with who makes the app. Out fit 7 ltd is the creator of the app and immediately I found several other similar style apps that they program such as “Talking Tom Cat”, “Talking Ben the Dog” and “Talking Gina the Giraffe”. So why does the Talking Angela app get all the attention. We will get to that in a minute. So here is the low down to the app.

Talking Angela is available on the mobile app market and is available for free. Once you download, the app does not require an email or your name and date of birth like I have read it did. Basically it is a talking cat that responds to your touch with a giggle or a purr. The other features come along with it are different depending on the mode you select when you first load or inside the app under settings. These modes being child or adult. First off, I don’t know why an adult would want to play this app but to each their own, let’s break down the differences.

Child mode and Adult mode

The cat appears to be a female cat with a female voice. This is the same graphic and layout for either mode. The child’s mode is just in repeat mode. When you talk to your device, the app records what you say and repeats it in a high pitched chipmunk sounding voice. The adult mode does not repeat. Instead, it allows you to type in text to chat with the cat. I attempted to type rude messages seeing if the cat would respond, but it did not respond with anything vulgar. I don’t really understand why they call it adult mode, unless I just didn’t get close to a question that it would understand and reply to with an inappropriate response. So basically in child’s mode, I didn’t see anything that would be inappropriate for children. In adult mode, I still didn’t see anything that was totally out of the ordinary. I played with the app for at least 30 minutes and never got a response with a question that I felt like was from a stranger on the other side of the app, as the rumor mill suggested. The only odd part of the app was when you push or poke the cat to hard with your finger, it knocks her off the stool she is sitting on and before you know it, a large dog with a hat and some kind of magicians wand pops up on your screen as if to scold you for knocking the cat off her stool. She will then tell you in different ways how she doesn’t appreciate you knocking her over. Innocent yeah, odd yes…but we are talking about a talking cat app here so let’s chalk it up as something funny not weird.

Now on to the camera feature. I had read in these urban Angela legends that the app uses the camera to take pictures of you. I didn’t see any evidence of that. The only thing the app does with your picture is puts your face in a small mirror that sits behind Angela as to make it look like you are looking into a mirror. No more no less.

I also read where the cats eyes were someone’s else’s real eyes in the other side of the app that is watching your child play with the app. Once again, no proof of that or anything from the way the app works that anyone could even be on the other side.

I am personally calling all this a big hoax. Something someone started that went viral and now is all,over the Internet as another scare craze that is totally not true. As to why I think this app got selected to be the hoax target versus the other similar apps the company makes. This app is done in high definition and the cat is real life like in its movements and gestures. It is kind of creepy if you look at it thinking that all these rumors are true (which their not). Then with the adult or child selection, that got people thinking that this app could be explicit (I couldn’t find anything explicit either). A combination of this and how things go viral so quickly, I think someone is laughing as I type this taking credit for that first fake article.

I have this a low threat level, and not a very low due to one reason. There is an adult mode. I haven’t figured out why other than the interaction, but if they update the app to respond to sexual related questions or other explicit questions, then this app needs to go. As for now, it seems harmless. Download it yourself and play with it in child’s mode vs adult mode. You can change these modes in settings inside the app.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to shoot me a message via the contact Aaron tab on the top of page.

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App Review – Backchat

Threat Level – Very High

Back chat is an app available for IOS and Android devices. Backchat is another text messaging app on the long list of data Text messaging applications. Just like the other popular texting apps, this app uses your data to send and receive text messages and not your standard cellular device method. This means kids can use this app on devices that do not have cellular service, but does have access to the internet. Such as iPods and iPads.

So what makes backchat different from other texting apps, and why does it have a higher threat level than the normal texting apps? It is because you send and receive anonymous text messages without knowing who the sender is, but they know you. This may sound fun and innocent as a guessing game of who is texting who, but we have already seen situations where kids can get their feelings hurt with inappropriate texts without knowing who is responsible.

Once you download app, you will need to use your Google plus or Facebook account to login. This is getting more popular with social media apps because instantly you give the app access to your friends and your interests for the company to market around.

Once you get logged in, you are ready to send anonymous text messages to your friends. You can leave them clues as to who you are like it is a game on top of a texting app. The marketing strategy to this app is that normal texting is boring. Spice up texting with sending anonymous text messages. This needs to be monitored from both sides. If you find this app on your child’s device, make sure they are not using it to be ugly towards someone else hiding in the anonymous side of the app. If they are on the other side and are receiving anonymous texts, make sure the messages are not hurtful.

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App Review – Paper

Threat Level- Low

After months of anticipation and questions about what Facebook had in store for a new project, they have now officially launched its newest app called Paper (02032014)

So how does Facebook release a new app that could come close to being as successful as the original? They have to make it better without killing their original Facebook app. So let’s start with what Paper is and what it’s all about.

Paper is what some call a companion app for your original Facebook app. It will be available on all mobile markets and is geared towards your news feed. Paper essentially uses your Facebook login to pull in all your news feeds, stories and status updates from your account. It displays them in a tile formation to put emphasis on the pictures attached to them. You can then click on the tile or picture to view the picture full screen, or to open the news feed article to read. You can think of this as a new way to view your Facebook. The display is much better than the normal scrolling up and down that you are use to. The app allows you to scroll from side to side for more articles and even an easy up and down scroll to go back a page or to continue reading once inside an article. I like the initial feel of the Paper app and like the way it displays news feeds, stories and news links your friends like and share and even images. So you are probably asking the same question I did about why would you still use the Facebook app.

Paper was not designed at this point to be a Facebook app replacement. If they would have wanted to replace the app, they would have just updated the original instead of launching new. Paper is intended to be an app you would use if you are interested in what stories or news feeds your friends are posting with a bonus thrown in at the bottom of the screen. That bonus being your friends status updates. You can still like, comment and share but that is all. Viewing walls, photo albums, links or posts still need to be done through the Facebook app.

Another feature Paper offers is similar to Skygrid or Flipboard. On setup, Paper allows you to select categories of news feeds, such as Food, National, Sports, Tech etc. What this does is give you more screens to select what category of news you want to read about if you are not in the mood to see what news feeds your friends are sharing. These categories are updated with new stories as available without you having to do anything. Breaking headline news shown first.

So now that you have a break down of the new Paper app I can sum it up by looking at the name of the app, Paper. Paper wants to be your digital NEWS paper for somewhere you can go to read stories from categories you select and also what news stories your friends are liking and sharing. This app is receiving positive early reviews with good feedback numbers on its style, feel and easy navigation. I personally like the app also.

Now for safety aspect with your children. This app is similar to Facebook obviously due to the fact they made it, so you have to log in with your Facebook account. If you allow your child to have a Facebook account then they will have access to launch Paper downloaded. I would use the same restrictions as I do with Facebook. Just monitor their viewing. Thankfully all the categories they can pick to view are safe. I haven’t seen any way that kids could abuse this app. If they like to read breaking news stories categorized by their interests, then they will probably be asking you to download Paper. That is why I give Paper a low threat level.

Any questions click the contact Aaron tab above and shoot me an email.

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