App Review – Paper

Threat Level- Low

After months of anticipation and questions about what Facebook had in store for a new project, they have now officially launched its newest app called Paper (02032014)

So how does Facebook release a new app that could come close to being as successful as the original? They have to make it better without killing their original Facebook app. So let’s start with what Paper is and what it’s all about.

Paper is what some call a companion app for your original Facebook app. It will be available on all mobile markets and is geared towards your news feed. Paper essentially uses your Facebook login to pull in all your news feeds, stories and status updates from your account. It displays them in a tile formation to put emphasis on the pictures attached to them. You can then click on the tile or picture to view the picture full screen, or to open the news feed article to read. You can think of this as a new way to view your Facebook. The display is much better than the normal scrolling up and down that you are use to. The app allows you to scroll from side to side for more articles and even an easy up and down scroll to go back a page or to continue reading once inside an article. I like the initial feel of the Paper app and like the way it displays news feeds, stories and news links your friends like and share and even images. So you are probably asking the same question I did about why would you still use the Facebook app.

Paper was not designed at this point to be a Facebook app replacement. If they would have wanted to replace the app, they would have just updated the original instead of launching new. Paper is intended to be an app you would use if you are interested in what stories or news feeds your friends are posting with a bonus thrown in at the bottom of the screen. That bonus being your friends status updates. You can still like, comment and share but that is all. Viewing walls, photo albums, links or posts still need to be done through the Facebook app.

Another feature Paper offers is similar to Skygrid or Flipboard. On setup, Paper allows you to select categories of news feeds, such as Food, National, Sports, Tech etc. What this does is give you more screens to select what category of news you want to read about if you are not in the mood to see what news feeds your friends are sharing. These categories are updated with new stories as available without you having to do anything. Breaking headline news shown first.

So now that you have a break down of the new Paper app I can sum it up by looking at the name of the app, Paper. Paper wants to be your digital NEWS paper for somewhere you can go to read stories from categories you select and also what news stories your friends are liking and sharing. This app is receiving positive early reviews with good feedback numbers on its style, feel and easy navigation. I personally like the app also.

Now for safety aspect with your children. This app is similar to Facebook obviously due to the fact they made it, so you have to log in with your Facebook account. If you allow your child to have a Facebook account then they will have access to launch Paper downloaded. I would use the same restrictions as I do with Facebook. Just monitor their viewing. Thankfully all the categories they can pick to view are safe. I haven’t seen any way that kids could abuse this app. If they like to read breaking news stories categorized by their interests, then they will probably be asking you to download Paper. That is why I give Paper a low threat level.

Any questions click the contact Aaron tab above and shoot me an email.

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