App Review – Backchat

Threat Level – Very High

Back chat is an app available for IOS and Android devices. Backchat is another text messaging app on the long list of data Text messaging applications. Just like the other popular texting apps, this app uses your data to send and receive text messages and not your standard cellular device method. This means kids can use this app on devices that do not have cellular service, but does have access to the internet. Such as iPods and iPads.

So what makes backchat different from other texting apps, and why does it have a higher threat level than the normal texting apps? It is because you send and receive anonymous text messages without knowing who the sender is, but they know you. This may sound fun and innocent as a guessing game of who is texting who, but we have already seen situations where kids can get their feelings hurt with inappropriate texts without knowing who is responsible.

Once you download app, you will need to use your Google plus or Facebook account to login. This is getting more popular with social media apps because instantly you give the app access to your friends and your interests for the company to market around.

Once you get logged in, you are ready to send anonymous text messages to your friends. You can leave them clues as to who you are like it is a game on top of a texting app. The marketing strategy to this app is that normal texting is boring. Spice up texting with sending anonymous text messages. This needs to be monitored from both sides. If you find this app on your child’s device, make sure they are not using it to be ugly towards someone else hiding in the anonymous side of the app. If they are on the other side and are receiving anonymous texts, make sure the messages are not hurtful.

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