Yik Yak


Yik Yak
Threat Level – Very High

Yik Yak is an app available on all mobile markets that advertises itself as an app to tell it all without telling who you are. The developers of the app goes as far as calling it “the anonymous social wall for anything”.

All users are anonymous from the start of the download. The registration process requires no personal information other than your location which will use your phones gps to determine that. This app allows you to create a handle name or nickname so people can associate you since there is no other information exchanged. The style is similar to Facebook status updates and shows you posts of others that are posting around you, yes all anonymously. They call the posts “Yaks” and they show up in the live feed for other “Yakkers” in the area. This app puts its content in the hands of all the anonymous users.

Users can vote posts up or down in the news feed and after two down votes, the post disappears. The app does state it is for plus 17 age group and targeted for adults, but no verification is required. They encourage nearby users to spread the word about parties or events and to share any thoughts about those things going on nearby.

One concern is the bullying factor and kids download app to make posts and spread rumors or derogatory posts about others under the anonymity of an unknown person. If you see this app on your child’s device, you need to discuss the dangers of sharing information Nd reading information posted by anonymous users.

Description – green app, yak, horns, brown green.