Threat Level – High

Charm is an app that is being marketed as ‘You are more than a profile picture’  The reason they are sticking with this tag is due to the fact that the app is a dating app with video sharing capabilities.  Charm is a freshly redesigned app from the creators of Meet Me (formerly my yearbook).  Meet Me is another popular dating app that I reviewed last year in archive that is one of hundreds of social media dating applications. Most dating applications and websites allow for picture or multiple picture uploads to your profile page.  Charm is trying to steer more toward the video frenzy of Vine and Instagram and going with a video profile approach allowing its users easy to access video recorder and uploader from inside the application.

Created by the founders of the Charm app asks users to upload short videos of themselves to attract others, positing that film provides a more realistic profile than just a picture. As quoted from the CEO Geoff Cook  “In many cases that photo is the best photo of that person ever taken and five or 10 years old,” said CEO Geoff Cook, who, along with his sister and vice president of brand strategy Catherine Cook, contends that the images appearing on most people’s Facebook feeds and traditional online dating profiles are a “best of” or “highlight reel” from that person’s life.  “Our purpose is to encourage authentic exchanges between people,” said Geoff Cook, who added that Charm is the first of four standalone apps the company is releasing.

The videos on Charm range from 3 to 10 seconds and users can host a maximum of four videos at one time.  Videos can be uploaded easily from inside the app.  This app is intended for an adult audience and adult dating services.  If you see this app on your child’s device, remember that adults are primarily using this app.  Find out why your child has this app and what they are using it for.  I did give this a high threat level due to the fact that children should not be utilizing a dating service app or website.

This app is free and is available on both android and apple markets.  Meet Me also has a website with Charm tie ins.


App search Tags- Red, blue, heart, red heart, blue heart, red blue circle


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