App Review – Digitcalc

Threat Level – Very High

Welcome to the world of secret spy apps. Uh oh, probably something your kids don’t want you to know about, but I am going to tell you anyway:-).

Nestled down deep in the App Store is an app called Spy Calc and at first glance you see the app and think, what in the world is that? Spy Calc is an app in the growing line of what you see is not what you get section. In the App Store this app explains that it is developed for people to hide and store pictures, videos and documents. The description actually describes this as a hidden compartment app, and it truly is just that.

The app is free on all mobile markets and after download, it appears to be a calculator. The app looks like a calculator and even says Digit Calc underneath the image on your phone. Anyone looking at a device with this on it would think it is just a calculator. Even when you touch the app to launch it, the app is still a calculator. Complete with being able to add and subtract! So now you are now asking, what is wrong with my kid using a free calculator app? Well this is where the hidden compartment I was speaking of earlier comes into play.

When you first download the app and install, it will ask you for a 4 digit code and then save that as your password. When you open the app again and the normal looking calculator app appears, all you do is type the 4 digit code with a period before and after it and the app transforms. Not a cool Optimus Prime transform, but a transform into a totally different app. This is where you can take or upload pictures and videos. Once they are inside here, you can delete them from your photo album and no one ever knows there hidden in a calculator app.

Now for the info commercial spin on this….But Wait! There’s More! If you want to get rid of the ads at the bottom of the screen and unlock new features, pay the 1.99 for an upgrade. This upgrade will take away the ads, plus give you options to make secret folders to sort your pics and videos along with a way to upload documents. Another part of upgrade is a digital recorder. You can set the recorder to record digitally with your phone microphone with a different 4 digit code.

This app is definitely regarded as a spy app and it appears to be a sneaky way to save photos, videos and documents. So before you ask as an adult why I would give this a high threat level, ask yourself the following question…why would your child need to hide photos in an app that appears to be something else? Yes, now you understand. I don’t want my child hiding anything behind a calculator app. They are children, not secret agents.

2 thoughts on “DigitCalc

    • Unfortunately that is a risk that is made with third party storage applications. U less you had a backup of those photos elsewhere then there isn’t much hope retrieving. You can contact the developer of app to see if there is any ways they know from there side of app.

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