App Review – Sneak

Threat Level – Very High

Sneek is an app that is growing in popularity since the Snapchat story craze has become more and more common.  Sneek is an app that is described as a fast, fun way to discover moments as they unfold around you. Send funny, crazy, or ridiculous photos and videos to everyone nearby.  Sneek your friend streaking down Main Street, or the aftermath of your last Fraternity party for all to see. Just Sneek it, that’s it. Sneeky the squirrel as the app calls is mascot is a way to share any photo or video to others around you.

Sneek is an anonymous video and pic sharing app that is available on IOS and Android devices.  Sneeks concept is to allow people to share with not only friends, but with people in their immediate area. You can view other people’s posts that are close to where you are posting from  This is why they are trying to market towards college campuses.  With that being said, most College students are adults. They share adult content from parties and other college extra curricular activities.  Most of the videos that I have reviewed inside the app have been from local college in my home town and are not what I would want any underage child viewing in my house.  This app is made for adults by adults. There are features that can be added to your photos to make them more personal.  Filters and text can be applied for individuality of the posts.    

We are now seeing that Middle Schools and High School students are starting to figure out the app from family members in college or word of mouth and are trying to copy what young adult college students are doing.  If you see this app on your childs device, make sure it is being used innocently and not to share any inappropriate photos or videos.


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