Meow Chat

App Review – Meow Chat

Threat Level – Very high

Meow Chat is an app developed by a company named Minus headquartered out of New York City. The company was backed by over 2 million dollars to launch a new style of mobile dating/chatting service which turned into Meow Chat. I did not find any other apps developed by this company which tells me they are working really hard to polish Meow Chat for its users.

So what is Meow Chat? The app Meow Chat describes itself as a fun way to chat and meet new friends. It does have a 17+ rating so they intend for adults to use this app and not children. On reviewing Meow Chat, it reminded me a lot of Tinder style layout with a mix of Grindr and Whatsapp (2 similar chat/dating applications ). Make no doubts about it, this app is a dating/hookup/chatting with strangers app. This app also allows instant chatting with strangers from around the world. With the similarities of Tinder, the main difference is Tinder seems to match more on location as Meow Chat uses interests in your profile to help match users. Now you see why children should not be using this app. Thinking of children and chatting with strangers does not go together.  Meow chat is available on all major mobile markets for download and has a very easy sign in process. You link up Meow Chat with your Facebook profile or create a login with an email address. You can then chat to existing friends by inviting them to join or find new chat partners from around the world. I did notice a lot of accounts while I was testing the app that were outside the United States. On setup it does send you a confirmation Thank you for signing up email. Be looking for this of you monitor your children’s email accounts. 

As soon as you login, clicking Random Chat throws you into a random chat room where you can talk publicly and get to know people for a private chat session or the explore feature will show you a map of other Meow Chat users around you or have similar interests as you. You can scroll through profiles that shows 3 of the users pictures along with a one line intro. I saw intros as innocent as Let’s Chat to the other end of spectrum saying What would you do with me. It doesn’t take long to see exploring profiles there are some that are explicit while others are safe. I had mentioned how this app looks and feels like Tinder. The way it shows profile pics for you to like or chat with is similar. Tinder focuses purely on hooking people up by location, whereas Meow Chat goes one step further and finds people with the same interests as you. 
Meow Chat claims to be the “fastest growing social network with millions of members from every country”. Its Google Play page states that it has been downloaded 10 million times on Android alone. It is free to download but you can purchase coin packs inside the application that allows you utilize advanced features inside the app. 

Meow Chat promotes mature conversations and warns users that their account will be suspended for inappropriate behaviour. You can report another user, bygo on their profile by tapping their image and tap ‘Report User’. You can also click ‘Block User’ to stop them from communicating with you. If you continue to have an issue There is also an email address to contact Meow Chat at
As I discussed earlier, this app is rated for adults and children should not be using this application. If you see this one on your child’s device, delete it immediately and find out who they have been chatting with. Children should not be using Meow Chat. 

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5 thoughts on “Meow Chat

  1. I saw this on my 15yr old daughters phone. U took a sneak peak. Omg! Shocked us an understatement, there were disgusting pics of private body parts from god knows who. I don’t know how it works but I don’t like it. It cld easily be pervs paradise!

    • I am so glad you caught this! There are hundreds of apps that are not intended for children. Thanks for sharing that you found it. Someone could read this and be reminded to check their child’s phone. Thanks again.

  2. Yes I do look through my daughters phone randomly and I think more parents should do so. You can preach to them about internet safety etc but unfortunately you cant guarantee they will take it all onboard. So, I will nosey at her phone randomly to check she is safe untill such times she reaches an age to be responsible for herself ūüėä

  3. I was able to both convince Apple and google to delete Meowchat from the Australian App Store! I was able to prove to Apple and Google that the app was allowing child pornography and pedophilia to be up loaded by users amongst other media which was highly graphic.

    Apple was by far more understanding and concerned and he teb app removed with in 24 hours goggle took a week as they didn’t want to bother! I few emails and friendly advise and legal actions that might be taken against the soon got their attention and got them to delete the app as well.

  4. If anyone is interested in the email exchange between Apple, Google and my self and the app removal I be more than happy to share.

    I don’t have kids but found the app on an iPad that I loaned to a friend of mine for their kid! When I got it back I saw the app still on it so had to have a look to see what da heck it was oh and yeah far out I was shocked and horrified by what I saw holly bloody smokes I can’t believe that kids teenagers would up load images of them selfs performing sexual acts and adults committing sexual acts with children 4 and 5 years of age.

    I saved all the images and video clips and send them through to Apple and Google I opened a case and spoken to Apple and Google over the phone about the app and yeah pretty much told them it had to go.

    Now that it’s gone it’s one less app that’s going to be a threat to children I would hate to know how many more apps like meow chat are out there !

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