App Review – Keek

Threat Level – High

Keek is an app developed by a company with the same name. Leek is described as a Social Video network and invites you to come, watch and share. The info page of Keed states it is a fun and easy way to capture, upload and share videos. They claim to be the hottest new free social media platform. The app also claims to have videos ranging from funny to intimate so you can always find one that matches your mood. Also on a side note, when one of your bullet points is ‘Endorsed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian’ , we obviously need to take a second look at the app.

First off when downloading this app, I wanted to make sure of one thing that parents could do. Do not get this app confused with KIK. Kik and Keek are two totally different social media apps. Kik being more of a texting app, where as Keek is more for sharing videos. Now that we got that straightened out, and with 30 million Keek users, lets get you educated on what this app is about. 

On download and launch of the app, Keek is doing what so many other social media apps do. Keek lets you utilize your Facebook or twitter account for easy login. Once your account is made manually or via a Facebook authorization, you are ready to share keeks. So what are keeks?  

Keeks are short video clips you can record and share labeling with what they call a ‘kluster’. A kluster is basically what we know as a hashtag #funvid, #dgaf, #crazy…etc. This makes the video easier to search and find similar videos to anyone viewing that Kluster. You can also share your Keeks with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. There is a save for later option, if you want to save your keek until you decide if you want to post or not.  

As with other social media networks, users can follow each other. When you follow a Keek user, their videos show up in your stream. If they follow you back, your videos will show up in your stream. This is similar to Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites that involves following others and then following you. 
When you log in, you will see a categories section of the most recent Keeks. You will also see other options to select such as most popular, featured and the top 100 users. A lot of the top users were celebrity status, and I am not sure what selection process they go through to get on this list. This is were the comment early came from about Kim Kardashian being a supporter of this app. Not sure if she really is, but they claim her to be. Right off the bat, I saw some graphic images posted as the videos topic, that I would not want my children seeing or being affiliated with. Allowing your children to view total strangers videos without much of a filter could be very dangerous. On top of the sharing video section, Keek also has a messaging option inside the app. This option allows you to chat using video or text with up to 36 people at one time. You can easily block messages if it is from someone you don’t know, but still dangerous for kids to be utilizing.  
This app obviously wants your Keek videos to be open to everyone and not just locked down to your personal followers. These people can also share your video on other social media outlets.  
With over 30 million Keek users, you ask yourself why does your child need keek? I gave this app a high threat level due to the fact I would not want my kid sharing videos so publicly and others being able to search and access so easy, and send them messages or having strangers following them. With the growth of video sharing, it is important to make sure your kids are sharing appropriate videos and where they are sharing it to. 

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