Down To Lunch (DTL)

App Review – Down to Lunch
Threat Level – High

Down To Lunch or also known as DTL. Is an app available for Android and IOS for free. The company that develops the app is named Nikil. They have launched several small social media and pic editing apps, but this seems to be the most popular for them.

The app is called Down to Lunch or DTL and that is exactly what this app is for. This app is to connect people in a simple way on how to hook up for common events such as Lunch. Basically a scheduling app that people can see what their friends are doing to meet up with them.  

They advertise this to be a way to find another friend that is interested in eating lunch with you or hang out without having to call or text them. You just set the event up inside the DTL app. There are many other choices that you can select the meet up location for other than lunch like go to Church, go swimming or go to a movie. 

The app is designed for easy use and simplicity. When you log in to the app for the first time, it does require you to register with your phone number. I am assuming this is how it sees other users and allows you to connect to them. After it sends you a text message to verify your account it then requires access to all your contacts. It will search to see if anyone else in contacts uses the app. If not, it allows you to send a text message to invite them to the app. You then are ready to select the date, time and location of your meet up. You can select different generalized predetermined things to do, like meet for lunch, meet for Basketball, meet for party .. etc. You then send out invitation to others that are people using the app as well. You will also notice there is a reward system. The more people you invite, the more more reward coins you receive. These coins are used to unlock different meeting places. These more specific ones are grayed out until you unlock them. Some examples are, go Drink, go blaze (as in marijuana), go play beer pong. These are the categories I would prefer my underage child to stay away from and not know about, while the free categories are mainly harmless (meet for lunch, church, sporting activities..etc. After the invites have been sent to make the meet up, you can then chat with the people in the group that is going. These are your friends or people that are going to group. This is good because of the fact that people you are inviting and chatting with are people you know and can view the messages …. but how about your friends who invite others. This app was intended for adults and parents should know the chat feature and also some of the adult topics you can choose. If your going to allow your child to use this app be sure to monitor their friends and what they are meeting up to do especially if they unlock the topics that are drinking or marijuana related. 

On another note, I went to developers website and noticed on their home page they have been victim of some harsh allegations that they are defending. From reading their page, someone has reviewed or flamed them with being part of a human trafficking ring. They obviously defended that and said they take no part in it and we’re actually asking users to tweet this was not true. On my review, I did not see any indicator of these allegations. It might of been a competitor trying to hurt their app downloads and slamming them with some untrue reviews. 

Just remember this app does have adult content on the subjects that must be unlocked first, but it’s still there and visible even if you don’t unlock those categories. 

I gave the app a high threat level due to several of the things I discussed in review. The most being references to alcohol and narcotics use. This app was developed and designed for adults.

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