App Review – Duo
Threat Level – Moderate

Duo is a video conferencing app made by Google Inc. Duo appears to be Googles answer to Apples video calling app FaceTime.

Duo is a live video conferencing app that is available on both major mobile operating systems. Duo works on IOS devices along with android devices. After a little research with some Android user friends, I have learned that even though Duo is programmed by Google and is their prime competition with Apple for live video conferencing aka FaceTime, the app is not preloaded on any versions of Android OS. So as of right now if you are an Android user, then you will have to go to the play store to download Duo.

Duo answers the long lasting question of how can I FaceTime from my iPhone to my friends Android phone. Ask no more. This app can be used on both devices with ease. Once you download the app, you are not required to enter any Google information. The app will use your phone number to allow others to video conference with you instead of requiring a gmail address, which if you have a cell phone then you have a phone number. This takes a lot of the hassle out of a registration process or having tongreat a gmail account. After Duo verifies your phone number, you are ready to start using the app. Verification is just a text message with a code that you must enter.
The ease of setup and simple interface makes the app easy to use.

The app will scan your contacts on your phone and list others who are already using Duo and puts the others in a list to themselves where inviting them is just a touch of their name. Duo does not have group video chat or any texting features at this time and has been developed for one on one video phone calling.

If you find this app on your child’s phone, remember this is an app that allows direct communication with live video to others. Make sure they know who they are video chatting with and the dangers of video chatting are obvious. With video chatting being the only avenue of communication, I gave a moderate threat level to the app and a common sense reminder of monitoring this app just like you would FaceTime.

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