Do not fall for the 2 Girls and a cup COVID-19 social media posts!

Do not fall for the 2 Girls and a cup COVID-19 social media posts!

Recently you may of been scrolling through social media and came across a picture of two girls with the caption, 2 girls 1 cup – 2 different girls contract Covid-19 through drinking from the same cup at a restaurant after restaurant not sanitizing correctly. Don’t fall for it, or let your kids fall for it.

These trending posts about spreading Covid-19 via a cup that is being shared will always end with…if you don’t believe me, then google search 2 girls 1 cup. The reason they are saying to google search and not show the actual link or not sharing the actual link to the insane theory about two different girls getting COVID-19 at a restaurant from a dirty cup is because that never happened.

The real reason they want you to google search is not that this is true about COVID-19 spreading through a cup, however you will see images and articles of the real pornographic reason behind two girls and a cup. The 2 girls and a cup post was a scat fetish pornographic film from 2007 (2007 pornographic film called Hungry *#!itches) where two girls deficate into a cup and get more graphic with bodily fluid exchange in a horrific pornographic setting. Do not fall for it. No one needs to see these images from a search!

This is obviously something that you or your children do not need to be a witness to. Leave this alone. Do not google Search for 2 girls and a cup and if you see this on any of your children’s social media feeds, I would remove the person who posted it as a friend from my child. There is nothing COVID-19 related in these posts. This is just a reminder of a horrible post and trend from 2007. Let’s leave it in 2007 and never go back!

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