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If you have a question about an app, website or technology that your child is using please email me the name, and I will promptly post a review or tip about it to the website.  Email your request to

31 thoughts on “Request app Review

  1. Viper. App that allows free voice and text msg over WiFi esp for use during international travel.

  2. Kick — I no nada about this app so I’m hoping you can help.
    Thank You so much for this informative website! I learned about the site via a colleague. You are making a difference, keep at it!

  3. Aaron, in Detroit an officer asked me about the app Secret. Can you take a look and see what you can find out. I informed him of your site and I’m sure he’ll keep an eye out.

  4. Could you please review the app? Specifically how “private” is the privacy setting and what followers can see.

  5. Hi! I was wondering what you thought of the application. It’s a live stream app related to musically. On its page it says 12plus, but want to hear your thoughts.

  6. Can you do a review of Pokémon GO? It’s all over the news right now and my 12 year old son wants to download the game. Thank you in advance.

  7. Hi Aaron,
    Can you review WhatsApp? Also, is there a texting app you would recommend for an 11 year old?


  8. Hi! My 14 yo old daughter wants the Wishbone app. I am inclined to say No simply because it’s social media but I would like your take. She has an iPhone, if that is relevant.

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