App Review – Clapper
Threat Level – High

Well here we are. The time has come for all the copy cat apps to make their appearances. TikTok being one of the most popular apps on the market, so you know there will be companies coming after it with their own similar apps. That’s what brings us to this review on Clapper. Clapper for all mobile operating systems programmed by Clapper Media group for free. Once downloaded an account is still optional if you want to post, or comment.

I actually heard about Clapper while watching a TikTok video, how ironic. So I headed over to the AppStore to check it out.

So what is Clapper? As they describe themselves ….

Clapper is the fastest-growing social platform focused on providing local and global videos to all people. You can see the latest trends and people’s real lives as they unfold, as well as people’s opinions and talents. FREE to use, NO Ads, and real lives. Clapper also prides itself off user community relationships. So basically that means people are hoping they don’t ban and flag videos as quick as TikTok. This is yet to totally be seen, but from comments, Clapper seems to be doing well. Clapper is also selling that they have no ads, unlike the growing ads on TikTok.

You will recognize the format looking almost identical tik tok. So close in fact, I’m sure lawsuits are coming. Clapper does have an upvote button along with a down vote option. The other buttons (comments, share) are your normal TikTok styled options. The up and down voting of videos is also portrayed in this apps logo. Being an orange thumbs up and thumbs down image.

Parents should be careful about this one the same way as TikTok due to some sexually explicit videos and twerking. Make sure to navigate your child’s accounts to make sure they are not following people you don’t want them to be following. This is if you feel they are old enough to use. This app is rated for adults right off the bat, so use that as a hint that your kids might not need to use this one. Chat features along with some adult themed content and cursing should keep little ones away from this app until they get older.

Even though there are some funny videos, there are random in appropriate ones mixed in as well. Parents be aware! This one is for adults only. But your 16-17 year old will probably hit you up pretty hard for it once it goes viral. Use discretion advised!

Threat Level – High

App description – orange, thumbs up, thumbs down, orang thin, orange thumb down, orange thumb up

Do not fall for the 2 Girls and a cup COVID-19 social media posts!

Do not fall for the 2 Girls and a cup COVID-19 social media posts!

Recently you may of been scrolling through social media and came across a picture of two girls with the caption, 2 girls 1 cup – 2 different girls contract Covid-19 through drinking from the same cup at a restaurant after restaurant not sanitizing correctly. Don’t fall for it, or let your kids fall for it.

These trending posts about spreading Covid-19 via a cup that is being shared will always end with…if you don’t believe me, then google search 2 girls 1 cup. The reason they are saying to google search and not show the actual link or not sharing the actual link to the insane theory about two different girls getting COVID-19 at a restaurant from a dirty cup is because that never happened.

The real reason they want you to google search is not that this is true about COVID-19 spreading through a cup, however you will see images and articles of the real pornographic reason behind two girls and a cup. The 2 girls and a cup post was a scat fetish pornographic film from 2007 (2007 pornographic film called Hungry *#!itches) where two girls deficate into a cup and get more graphic with bodily fluid exchange in a horrific pornographic setting. Do not fall for it. No one needs to see these images from a search!

This is obviously something that you or your children do not need to be a witness to. Leave this alone. Do not google Search for 2 girls and a cup and if you see this on any of your children’s social media feeds, I would remove the person who posted it as a friend from my child. There is nothing COVID-19 related in these posts. This is just a reminder of a horrible post and trend from 2007. Let’s leave it in 2007 and never go back!

Bubble Chat

App Review – Bubble Chat

Threat Level – High

Bubble Chat is a free app designed by a company named Hit Labs. It appears this is Hit Labs first app for the Social Media genre and they went all in. 

Group texting has slowly become popular with teens and adults. I see my daughters using apps such as GroupMe and iMessage group texting with their friends. My daughters cheer team and gymnastics team utilize the group feature of GroupMe. You also see circles of friends of your children getting involved in group messaging to stay connected. 

So what is Bubble Chat? Bubble chat is a group texting app that has added a few extra features to make it stand out ahead of the competition. 

When you first download the app, it asks you what kind of group you are wanting to start. Sporting group, friend group, etc. The app will then ask for your phone number to confirm you do have a number to associate it with. After these couple of steps to setup, you are ready to start your group. The app makes you select one person to add to the group before the group is created. Once your group is live, you can then add more people to it. The app uses data to send messages rather than using your texting plan through your cell phone. Most text driven apps use data, either cellular or wifi depending on what you are connected to. 

If you use GroupMe or other messaging apps, the group text user interface will look similar. It has a chat window at bottom of screen along with buttons for sharing pictures, videos, gifs and stickers. You will also see a drop down menu at the top with the name of the group (or bubble) you are currently in. You can have multiple bubbles ..aka group chats.. going at one time. You will

notice in the lower menu there is a button for live video chat and also a menu of “celebrities” you can invite to your chat. I didn’t recognize any of the celebrities myself. They stated they were anything from professional models to MMa fighters. How often one of these so called celebrities will ever jump into someone’s chat is beyond me. Bubble Chat having this celebrity feature draws in curiosity from children. 

The live video chat feature is something that the many other competing group texting app doesn’t have. You can select the live chat and immediately start sharing live video with up to 10 people in your group. This is a good feature for the app, but unsupervised children and live video chat do not mix well. Adults or monitored chat for your children would be preferred for this feature. Add the “celebrity” chat and now you could have your children inviting strangers or so called celebrities to their chat groups. or live video streams. 

Other members of your groups or “bubbles” must have the app installed on their devices as well. The live chat feature along with inviting “celebrities” to your bubbles, is what bumped this group texting app up to a high threat level. 

Make sure if you let your kids use Bubble chat, you stay on top of who they are in chats with and especially who they are live chatting with in the video streams. 

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Animal Jam

App Review – Animal Jam
Threat Level – Low and Moderate

Animal Jam is a gaming app made by Wildworks incorporated along with endorsements from National Geograpic. Wildworks has also been involved in the creation of two other gaming apps called Tunnel Town and AJ jump. Both being animal themed games. Animal Jam is described at a game for ages 9 plus. The app is free but does offer in app purchases from .99 to 4.99. Like many gaming apps they want to offer the main product for free but still make some money from the in app purchases. Animal Jam is categorized under the gaming apps but does have some social ties once inside game. 

Once you download Animal Jam, you are asked to start new or login to your animal jam account. Animal jam has and is also available on the Via a web browser. Once you select to start new, you are dumped into character selection where you will have to choose one of the 3 animals. Bunny, Monkey or wolf. At this point you are able to do basic customization to your newly selected character. The first step is picking a name. You must select from the names in the provided window which is good because it does not allow users to customize in appropriate names. Now you are ready to enter your character into the Animal Jam game. One interesting, educational part of game is how it gives the player real life animal facts as the game screens are loading. 

Once in game, your character can run around and visit different locations. In this lobby style world is where you can see other players that are running around like you are. These are other players that have created characters like yourself. I noticed at this point, there are some chat options. When I hit the chat button, it gave me generic pre determined chat boxes such as ‘Hi there’ or ‘Goodbye’. It would not let me type any custom messages as a guest. If you want to type custom messages, you must create an account. 

If you decide to create an account, this will pull in the more social side of game and allow you to create friends list and communicate more openly with other players. There does appear to be some chat filters that won’t let users type certain things. On a side note, while reviewing app, I never got or seen any in appropriate messages. I kind of got hooked on some of the game elements and played this app for a couple days. If the chat features worry you, just never have them create an account to go fully open and then the chat is just predetermined chat bubbles. They will need a parents email address for registering anyway, so you will know if they create an account. Also while reading reviews of this app, I noticed a couple people staying they didn’t like having their accounts suspended for 24 hours for using curse words. This shows Animal Jam has moderators for their game and obviously enforce inappropriate behavior. 

Animal Jam is bright colored, fun game that encourages leveling up your different animals with challenging games. The added sponsorship from National Geographic helps keep the game safe. Scoring this threat level on this game would be two different scores. If you play game without creating your own account then I would give this app a low threat level. Once you create account to open more of social aspect, it would bump it to moderate. Mainly due to the open chat. Just monitor your children while they play this one occasionally or play with them to keep an eye on who they are playing with. The educational tips from the National Geographic animal side is a nice bonus. Anytime we can educate children inside s video game, the better.  

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App Review – Scratch

Threat Level – Very Low

Scratch is an app and website that encourages kids to become involved in the art of coding. Coding as in programming computer applications both PC and mobile driven. I wish this had been available 25 years ago when I was growing up. You can imagine this as being digital Legos where you can let your child use their imagination to develop programs. Seems like an excellent idea. Let’s learn some code!

Scratch is actual the name of the programming language associated with this computer programming and also has an online community where children can program and share interactive media such as animation, games and stories with people from all over the world. Scratch is available on IOS and Android and costs 99 cents. As children create with Scratch, they learn to think creatively and build applications with their digital toolbox. Scratch is designed and maintained by the Lifelong Kindergarten group at the MIT Media Lab.
Scratch is aimed for ages 8-16 years olds and is marketed for them, but also encourages parents to become involved with their children. It is an educational app that is geared to get children motivated about computer programming and developing different types of apps. Scratch also has a very interactive website that shows other programs developed by people using Scratch. 

There is a social connection inside the app when it comes to sharing information or ideas on apps users are trying to develop. When participating in the Scratch online community, members can explore and experiment in an open learning community with other Scratch members from all ages and interests. Members can share their work, get feedback, and learn from each other. While I created my user profile and searched through different social communications from website, I didn’t see any inappropriate comments or issues that I felt would be potentially dangerous for our children. All the comments, questions and interactions seemed to be strictly about the scratch development. 

The MIT Scratch Team works with the community to maintain a friendly and respectful environment for people of all ages, races, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientations, and gender identities. You can help your child learn how to participate by reviewing the community rules as well. Members are asked to comment constructively and to help keep the website friendly by reporting any content that does not follow the community guidelines. You can tell they take great pride in keeping their material clean. The Scratch Team works to manage activity on the site and respond to reports, with the help of tools such as profanity filters as well. This is a very nice addition for app safety for children. 

I was very impressed with the effort they have put into their community to keep it clean. Scratch also offers an offline community if you don’t wish to get involved in the social side of communication within the app. It is obvious Scratch developers are trying really hard to keep their project as an educational tool and is very impressive. I wish all apps took precautions that I see with Scratch and its development team on their approach to online safety. 

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App Review – Woozworld

Threat Level – Moderate 

Woozworld is an app designed by the company with the same name ‘Woozworld’. Originally called kids studio 2.0 and based out of Montreal, Quebec, this app received several awards in 2011 and 2012 for most innovative technology company. As for safety, Woozworld does state they have In game moderators that constantly monitor behavior of players and states the following. ‘Members who engage in any behavior that breaks guidelines set by Woozworld faces punishment by moderators, ranging from temporary suspension to being permanently banned from the virtual social network. Woozworld also sets a fun but a helpful learning education about safety online’. It sounds as if Woozworld has done its homework on how to sound as safe as possible, let’s hope all this is true. 

This app and website is described as an app for fashionistas. It states you can create your own avatar and join millions in a virtual world personalizing your characters story and personalize your avatar with new outfits every week. Woozworld is available for free on both App Store and Google Play store (IOS and Android users). From reading the reviews and viewing website, this social media game is also available to play online through your computers browser, not just the app alone. The app like many others, let’s you download for free then requires money to purchase in game items to upgrade your characters look, buy more rooms for decorating and also allows you to purchase furniture for those additional rooms. They recommended age of app to be 4+. 

On download of app, it was over 100 megabytes so it requires you to wait until a wifi connection is available to download. Once downloaded, the setup process was very quick and easy. Unlike a lot of apps that are similar to this style, it did not require me to login with a username or didn’t require an account setup. Once downloaded, I was able to jump right into creating my avatar. An Avatar basically means you create a character. You select the basics in a menu. This being, male or female, hairstyle, body build and then onto clothes. After I created the look of my character, I was dumped straight into the game. 

Once inside of game, it asked me if I wanted a tutorial. I of course selected yes to get the basic idea of game and how to play. The concept of this app is similar to a Sim style video game. You get to create and select your own room. You setup your furniture and start to be able to build your own virtual world. As I looked around room during tutorial, it showed me how to move furniture and encouraged me to purchase more furniture from the in game store. The in game store is where they make there money. They also let you watch advertisements of company’s to earn in game money without spending real money. You can also spend real money in real life to get more ‘Beex’. Beex is what Woozworld calls its in game money. You can earn Beex as well without spending real life money by completing quests inside the game. These quests basically allow you to do various small things in game for rewards. You can also join the V.I.P status by joining to pay monthly fee of 5.99 (or a couple other packages) to earn special clothing, furniture and other rewards. This app reminded me of a Sims style game because of how you build the world around you. You can also buy more rooms in game to have multiple rooms to place more furniture and customize each room. This game does however have social ties. 

As I was playing the game to get familiar with the controls and to investigate if it was appropriate for children, I was able to figure out the first step of getting social. Remember how I said that you jumped straight into the game without registering an email and there was basically no setup needed, well I figured out why. When you setup, it gives your character a name of 128473682. Which I thought was an odd name. Just a random generated number. You are able to change this In game however but that requires you to setup an in game account with an email address and password for a login account. After you setup account, you are able to select your own name and save it. I did this and created my own name which the game told me could not be changed. During my research, I setup account with own name pretty easy. It did not require any money for setup or to change my name from a generic number to an actual name. It did warn me that my name could not be changed after this initial setup. 

Now that my name was setup, it loaded all the menus that allowed me to select different areas. I noticed there was now a social icon and also a way to travel to other lobbies to meet other people. The lobbies were public and once inside them, I could see other peoples characters and could interact with them. While I walked around these lobbies and tried to interact with others, I did not get any inappropriate messages or requests. I wanted to see if these people that I could see inside the public lobbies tried to chat with my character. While playing this game in the lobby for about 30 minutes, I never received a inappropriate messages from anyone, but it is very easy to chat with others. All you do is walk up in front of their character and click the chat icon. This icon has basic features such as add friend, chat and block. I am assuming this block feature is for people who try to chat in appropriately with others. I was able to interact with one person who told me not to curse because it would get me banned. I guess he had recently came off a ban where he said that he had made a new account due to being suspended for language. The ease of the chat feature was kind of scary for me but this game is designed to be social media gaming app. After chatting with this character for a minute, he sent me a friend request. Which I accepted to see what that meant. Basically it added his name to my friends list that allowed me to see when he was online and send messages to. It also allowed me to delete or block friend if needed. 

I feel like the app could have been a little more safety contentious and should allow parents to moderate chat to turn it on or off and to create filters, but it does not. So the social side to the game is wide open for chatting privately with others. 

You can tell this game has been around a while and has a large following with a lot of players. In every room I selected to go into, there were at least 5-10 other characters I could see that were playing at the same time I was. After walking around and completing my tasks to earn more Beex, I didn’t see any in inappropriate names or text being displayed. The potential obviously is there, but I did not see anything during my review.   

I gave this app a threat level of moderate. The reason being is the ease of the chat feature. If you’re going to allow your child to play the game, I recommend telling them to chat with their confirmed friends of who they know in real life versus chatting with strangers. You can monitor this by checking their friends list to make sure they are playing with or chatting with people they know. The game doesn’t require you to chat or become friends with others but it does encourage meeting new players like yourself. So just remember to monitor those chat seasons and openly communicate the importance of not chatting with strangers. 

I do feel the 4+ age group recommendation seems a little young. This seems more of a early teens app with a lot of reading and problem solving inside the quests. This game seems pretty innocent, but with the chat option available just monitor to make sure no one is trying to inappropriately trying to communicate with your child. As for the clothing and furniture you buy inside game with in game Beex money, I did not see anything inappropriate for purchase. 

As with any app that has a social chatting feature, communicate with your children about the dangers of chatting with strangers. I can see where this app could be fun for kids to build their character and decorate inside their virtual home, but make sure they understand that they don’t know who is on the other side of keyboard when playing with others.  

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Down To Lunch (DTL)

App Review – Down to Lunch
Threat Level – High

Down To Lunch or also known as DTL. Is an app available for Android and IOS for free. The company that develops the app is named Nikil. They have launched several small social media and pic editing apps, but this seems to be the most popular for them.

The app is called Down to Lunch or DTL and that is exactly what this app is for. This app is to connect people in a simple way on how to hook up for common events such as Lunch. Basically a scheduling app that people can see what their friends are doing to meet up with them.  

They advertise this to be a way to find another friend that is interested in eating lunch with you or hang out without having to call or text them. You just set the event up inside the DTL app. There are many other choices that you can select the meet up location for other than lunch like go to Church, go swimming or go to a movie. 

The app is designed for easy use and simplicity. When you log in to the app for the first time, it does require you to register with your phone number. I am assuming this is how it sees other users and allows you to connect to them. After it sends you a text message to verify your account it then requires access to all your contacts. It will search to see if anyone else in contacts uses the app. If not, it allows you to send a text message to invite them to the app. You then are ready to select the date, time and location of your meet up. You can select different generalized predetermined things to do, like meet for lunch, meet for Basketball, meet for party .. etc. You then send out invitation to others that are people using the app as well. You will also notice there is a reward system. The more people you invite, the more more reward coins you receive. These coins are used to unlock different meeting places. These more specific ones are grayed out until you unlock them. Some examples are, go Drink, go blaze (as in marijuana), go play beer pong. These are the categories I would prefer my underage child to stay away from and not know about, while the free categories are mainly harmless (meet for lunch, church, sporting activities..etc. After the invites have been sent to make the meet up, you can then chat with the people in the group that is going. These are your friends or people that are going to group. This is good because of the fact that people you are inviting and chatting with are people you know and can view the messages …. but how about your friends who invite others. This app was intended for adults and parents should know the chat feature and also some of the adult topics you can choose. If your going to allow your child to use this app be sure to monitor their friends and what they are meeting up to do especially if they unlock the topics that are drinking or marijuana related. 

On another note, I went to developers website and noticed on their home page they have been victim of some harsh allegations that they are defending. From reading their page, someone has reviewed or flamed them with being part of a human trafficking ring. They obviously defended that and said they take no part in it and we’re actually asking users to tweet this was not true. On my review, I did not see any indicator of these allegations. It might of been a competitor trying to hurt their app downloads and slamming them with some untrue reviews. 

Just remember this app does have adult content on the subjects that must be unlocked first, but it’s still there and visible even if you don’t unlock those categories. 

I gave the app a high threat level due to several of the things I discussed in review. The most being references to alcohol and narcotics use. This app was developed and designed for adults.

Keywords – DTL, Orange, brown, supper, restaurant, fork, spoon, hookup

High There


App Review – High There
Threat Level – Very High

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on the app store. I am now a believer, as you should as well that when it comes to social connection in an app, there are many things that tie people together. Whether it be a hobby or a similar interest that is what social networking is about. But what if that similar interest was something illegal. Would you want your child to be exposed to it? Would you want your child being connected to others that are exposed to it?

The app is called High There and created by the company Bon vert, Inc. Just as you are probably already thinking from the name of the app about what it is about, you can assure yourself now that you are correct. This app is called High there .. yes ‘High’ as a reference to being High on drugs. Marijuana to be specific. The app wants you interact and join the worldwide users of marijuana to make new smoking circles. Of course it says for adults, but kids know about this app as well, hence me talking about it.  

This app is described to be a social media app for Marijuana enthusiasts. The company has created this social network as a way to expand your smoking circle and to make new friends that enjoy smoking marijuana. When you create your account you set your consumption, mood and energy preferences and then you are ready to connect with others. The look and feel is a mix of instagram style app. This app allows you to search and connect with others that enjoy marijuana. Through the app, you can see how far away the user is from you, see their photos posted and also connect with them one on one in a private chat. There is a way to search the trending hashtags that are advertised as #homegrown, #greenmile, #dopeaf and many more. They are clever in their play on words as well offering Daily Joints and encouraging you to ‘roll” your own daily joints by tapping the leaf.  

They do stress that the app is not a place to post pictures of cannabis or consumption of cannabis instead they encourage profile photos that are of the user as a person in culture, and as someone to connect with. But, with that being said. I don’t want my kid having any access to an app that promotes the use of an illegal narcotic. I also do not want them connecting to others that use illegal narcotics. Be diligent in watching the download que for this app. Parents should not want their children being exposed to anything illegal.

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App Review – Keek

Threat Level – High

Keek is an app developed by a company with the same name. Leek is described as a Social Video network and invites you to come, watch and share. The info page of Keed states it is a fun and easy way to capture, upload and share videos. They claim to be the hottest new free social media platform. The app also claims to have videos ranging from funny to intimate so you can always find one that matches your mood. Also on a side note, when one of your bullet points is ‘Endorsed by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian’ , we obviously need to take a second look at the app.

First off when downloading this app, I wanted to make sure of one thing that parents could do. Do not get this app confused with KIK. Kik and Keek are two totally different social media apps. Kik being more of a texting app, where as Keek is more for sharing videos. Now that we got that straightened out, and with 30 million Keek users, lets get you educated on what this app is about. 

On download and launch of the app, Keek is doing what so many other social media apps do. Keek lets you utilize your Facebook or twitter account for easy login. Once your account is made manually or via a Facebook authorization, you are ready to share keeks. So what are keeks?  

Keeks are short video clips you can record and share labeling with what they call a ‘kluster’. A kluster is basically what we know as a hashtag #funvid, #dgaf, #crazy…etc. This makes the video easier to search and find similar videos to anyone viewing that Kluster. You can also share your Keeks with other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. There is a save for later option, if you want to save your keek until you decide if you want to post or not.  

As with other social media networks, users can follow each other. When you follow a Keek user, their videos show up in your stream. If they follow you back, your videos will show up in your stream. This is similar to Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites that involves following others and then following you. 
When you log in, you will see a categories section of the most recent Keeks. You will also see other options to select such as most popular, featured and the top 100 users. A lot of the top users were celebrity status, and I am not sure what selection process they go through to get on this list. This is were the comment early came from about Kim Kardashian being a supporter of this app. Not sure if she really is, but they claim her to be. Right off the bat, I saw some graphic images posted as the videos topic, that I would not want my children seeing or being affiliated with. Allowing your children to view total strangers videos without much of a filter could be very dangerous. On top of the sharing video section, Keek also has a messaging option inside the app. This option allows you to chat using video or text with up to 36 people at one time. You can easily block messages if it is from someone you don’t know, but still dangerous for kids to be utilizing.  
This app obviously wants your Keek videos to be open to everyone and not just locked down to your personal followers. These people can also share your video on other social media outlets.  
With over 30 million Keek users, you ask yourself why does your child need keek? I gave this app a high threat level due to the fact I would not want my kid sharing videos so publicly and others being able to search and access so easy, and send them messages or having strangers following them. With the growth of video sharing, it is important to make sure your kids are sharing appropriate videos and where they are sharing it to. 

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App Review – Rabbit

Threat Level – Moderate 

Rabbit is described as the next generation conferencing app. The idea all began back in February of 2013 with an app for the Mac. A year later they launched their website and included the web based client. By 2015, Rabbit was being noticed and became one of the top video conferencing app while beginning to create their mobile app for phones and tablets. In October of 2015 the app went live on the Apple App Store and continues to pick up momentum. 

So what is Rabbit?
Rabbit is a chat room / video conferencing app that allows its users to share a website in their chat screen so that they can shop together or watch videos such as you tube or Netflix and basically any other website. It is a way to chat and share with the other person while you both viewing the same website in your chat room. Rabbit describes itself as a great way to hang out and watch a movie with your long distance partner. So how does this work? You could basically describe this as a texting app similar to KIK, wechat, or whatsapp with a web browser at the top of your screen. So there is chat room at the bottom and web browser at the top of your screen. It allows chatting while watching whatever is in the web browser at top of screen. You can share your “Rabbitcast” with a quick copy of a link and send to others. 

Once you download Rabbit, it requires you to created an account. Like most apps now you can either use your Facebook account to login or create a username and password with your email address. Once you fill out for login, or click login with Facebook then you are ready to invite others to chat. In my opinion, this app would be great if there was a long distance relationship and you wanted to watch a Netflix series together while chatting about it. As for your children, you would need to monitor the sharing very close. One thing I did notice, Rabbit does not filter adult sites. So anything that has a website can be shared and chatted about in chat room at the same time for multiple chatters to view.

I gave this app a moderate threat level due to the app being able to access any website to share. Monitor this one closely and ask your children what they are sharing while chatting if you allow them to use this app. 

App description – bunny, rabbit, orange, white, white rabbit, white bunny