Host a presentation


If you are interested in hosting a Social Media Safety class at your church, school or a personal consultation, please email me at

Classes are usually between 1.5-2 hours long with an open forum Questions and Answers session.  My presentation is complete with a slideshow/Powerpoint.  For this, I will need access to an area where I can display my powerpoint. I can bring all needed equipment along with visual aid tools where needed.

I will speak on the growing social media outlets, how society is changing the way we communicate, different social media and technology outlets that your children and loved ones are utilizing, how they are connecting and helpful tips on keeping them safe.

All Classes are done on my own time and are free of charge.  I do how ever accept donations or Love offerings.  All Donations go to Research and Education materials such as App purchases,  Hardware or Software to help further educate parents on keeping children safe.

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